Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things I Loathe and Abhor

I think it's healthy to update a pet peeves list every now and again. Some things that used to bother me just don't anymore--for example, talk radio...it's off my list. Additionally some things have etched their tedious existence onto the list and deserve mentioning so that others may be encouraged to loathe them as well--for example, wind.

In the spirit of frigid temperatures, I thought it time to share some pet peeves lest you feel the need to start talking in a song in front of me...which brings me to my first item:

1. talking in songs: not to be confused with rapping. The most guilty artist: Shania Twain (not that I listen to Shania Twain). I just don't like it. If I wanted to hear a song with talking in it, I would listen to rap. I find myself getting embarrassed for the artist. I think it's because I picture them getting all into it while recording their talk song.

2. People who use the word "seen" inappropriately. I feel like I'm in a bad Andy Griffith episode around these people.

3. Wal-Mart

4. People who say "that's hilarious" without laughing. Hilarious warrants laughter...If you're not going to laugh just say, "that makes me smile" or "that is mildly amusing".

5. People who drive negative 10 when a snowflake drops to the ground.

6. The incessant gloom that is winter in Michigan.

In other news...I think a FedEx driver flipped me off today whilst I was driving home. I will say it was delivered with the utmost speed. Touche, FedEx, touche.


Sara Luke said...

I'm so guilty of "that's hilarious." It just comes out. I can't stop it.

rachel said...

In regards to the Fedex driver... "delivered" or "returned" ??? choose carefully.

I hate talking in songs too! But you forgot "baby gurgles" and "midget voices" in songs too.

I notice Aaron Neville didn't make the list... very proud of you, Jeanette. You're making huge strides.

"Okay, so you've got a car. ... that don't impress me much, uh uh uhuhuuuh, so you got the moves, but have you got the touch?"