Monday, September 26, 2011

36 Weeks & 31 Months

This first picture was taken by my way-too-literal husband after I said, "make sure you get the belly."

And then this one was taken after I clarified instructions:

And this one was taken cause this kid is so stinkin' cute (this is how he smiles for the camera...eyes closed saying cheeeeese):

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hooray for Scout!

Yesterday, my dear friend Sara threw me a shower for my impending bundle of loveliness.  And in Sara Luke fashion, it was incredible.  The food, the decor, the company -- all contributed to a perfect Saturday afternoon topped off by the fact that I was not responsible for watching my child for three hours.  I received some great gifts and am feeling more ready for the blissful chaos that will descend upon my life in T - 5 weeks.  sweet mercy.

 Thankful for all these lovely ladies (and those who couldn't make it).  My friends are such a blessing!

 The genius behind the day.  Thank you, Sara!

 My 34 week belly.  Pardon the lighting...I am currently taking donations for a camera upgrade.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eli is 2 1/2

I haven't written an update for you in 6 months!  I have been writing things down using, what historians will later call, pencil and paper as you've grown these past 6 months, but I haven't gone all fancy and typed them up on this fancy computational machine.  Why, you ask?  My dear child, I have no reason other than you turned two, I turned pregnant, your father started a new job, and we moved; and my initiative to write took a backseat to all those things.  I'm sorry.  You'll probably hear me say that a lot as you grow, but I am sorry if you feel slighted by the absence(s) of an update. 

So here's how this is going to go down.  I'm going to post some pics from each month that I did not update, along with some fun facts about you from each month (referring back to my archaic writing methods).  Thennnnn, I'll do another post wherein I go into more detail about the little man you're becoming.  Then, there will be no homework.  Any questions?

Here we go:

24 Months: Jan - Feb:
  • You turned 2
  • You were dedicated 
  • Your adoration for Thomas and all things trains has grown to President of Fan Club status
  • You love to finger paint
  • You love to ride the elevator in our building (former building)
  • Temper tantrums have become more prevalent
  • You looooove beans and rice 
  • You found out you will be joined by a sibling
25 Months: Feb - March:
  • Your great-grandpa and Laura Jean came to visit
  • You enjoyed unseasonably warm temps
  • Your "will of your own" has tested my patience on numerous occasions
  • You like to exert your "will of your own" in public, especially at Target and family dining establishments  
  • Your mom is sick a lot due to sibling in her tummy
  • Your favorite book is Pigeon Wants a Puppy and you mimic the voices I make
  • You can point out a McDonald's within a 2 mile radius 
26 Months: March to April:
  • Your daddy started a new job, which means he's not around as much, something for which you vocalize your disdain on a regular basis in the form of screaming's awesome.
  • It snowed in April and I cried.
  • You will play with your matchbox cars for hours...and love to bring them all out to the lobby of our building.
  • You love collecting rocks...after a walk you will come home with a batch of new rocks that sit in your wagon until our next venture.
  • You're starting to become fearful of people and things and have become very clingy with your mama.
  • Your memory of things both astounds and frightens me.
     27 months: April - May:
    • We started looking for a new house.
    • You loooove hanging out with your daddy's RAs and being one of the guys.
    • You're not adjusting well to your daddy not being around as much.
    • You threw the mother of all temper tantrums at a mall in Grand Rapids during which I'm sure child protective services was called, b/c I took you in a bathroom and you screamed for 10 minutes straight...screamed like you were being beaten (which you were not).  And then I cried most of the way home due to frustration and a feeling that I was failing you as a parent.
    • Time outs are becoming more prevalent.
    • You looove hanging out with your friends Ben, Bryleigh, Avery, Nolan, Bailey and little Aubrey.
    • Sharing with your favorite friends is a concept that escapes you.
    • Church nursery scares you and you cry the entire time.
    • You are turning into quite the comedian and crack me up with your expressions or what you say on a regular basis.
    • You loooove spaghetti.
    • You love rice. 
    28 Months: May - June:
    • We moved!!
    • You started sleeping in your awesome big boy bed (that your dad picked out, so it comes equipped with a built in fort).
    • You get to see your friend Ben a lot more because we moved across the street from him.
    • It is the hottest summer since the earth cooled from its lava state, and we have no air conditioning.
    • You are talking a lot more; you and I are having conversations, which is awesome.
    • You loooove being outside at your new house.
    • You found out you are having a baby sister.
    • You and mommy have breakfast dates at Dunkin' Donuts once a week where we share a big thing of chocolate milk...oh, and we eat donuts. 

      29 Months: June - July:
      • We got to spend a week and a half disrupting visiting with your Grandma and Grandpa Parker.
      • You watched fireworks for the first time (in the safety of a car, b/c you are currently afraid of loud clapping).
      • Your favorite new expression (which you learned from your grandma) "Go away, go see your mom"...usually said to bugs.
      • Both you and mom were sick and miserable together.
      • I thought we might melt in our house due to alarming summer temps. 
      • We swim at your friend Nolan's house A LOT!
      • We swim at your Grandma and Grandpa Rick's house A LOT! 
      • PACIFIER IS GONE!!!  You gave up your pacifier around the time you got sick, b/c you were throwing up.  It was much easier than I thought.  I canceled our appointment with the hypnotist.
        30 Months: July - August:
        • I'm really at a loss on how to help you feel unafraid of things.  I went through a similar phase when I was your age (so I've been told) during which I was afraid of men with beards and lawn mowers and basically anyone other than my maybe it's genetic.
        • You're talking has skyrocketed since the pacifier took its exit.  It's insane.  Your father turned to me during a particularly talkative car ride and said in a voice that mimicked mine "Ben, do you  think he'll ever talk?"
        • Whenever we ask you where your baby sister is, you lift up your shirt, point to your belly and say, "in Eli's tummy". 
        • I'm trying to be consistent with church nursery, so you'll get over your fear.  I don't think I've heard an entire sermon from beginning to end in the last two months. 
        • Your current toy obsession is your water table that your grandma and grandpa bought you at a garage sale.  You brave the vampire mosquitoes just to be able to play outside with it.  
        • You went to Lake Michigan for the first time with mama and some of her college friends.  You l-o-v-e-d it, as well as my friend Mandy's little girl, you little Casanova, you.
        • Count down to big-brother duty (hee hee - duty) - 2 months.