Thursday, November 29, 2007

One step closer to adulthood

Whenever my family would take a vacation, my dad would invariably tune our radio dial to talk radio. I would generally utter my feelings of disdain along with my wishes of owning a c.d. walkman contraption. These remarks were made in vain as a.) my dad pretended not to hear my grumblings and b.) I never received a c.d. walkman from my parents (no doubt an issue that will be discussed in future counseling sessions--the poor deprived WASP child was never allowed to own a personal c.d. walkman, oh the humanity!). I was forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh and other grey-haired, right-winged political commentators. Okay, I'll come back to this (tuck it away for now, avid readers--that means you, mom).

Now, I'm going to admit something (on the Internet!!!) that many of you may be shocked to read. I mean, I am an educated individual currently trying to educate other young people. Here it is: I don't watch the news. I don't. I mean who has time to watch the news when Heidi and Spencer may or may not be breaking up. The fact that I don't watch the news is a point of concern for my husband. He feels that it is my duty to remain an informed American citizen. I usually brush off his concerns with, "the news is too depressing." A comment which never placates him but usually ends the discussion.

Over the last several weeks, I have felt somewhat convicted about my ignorance of all things newsworthy. Enter my new fascination with talk radio. Remember that paragraph with which I started off this enthralling post...well, here is the relevance. On my way to work I have decided to join the ranks of informed citizens and listen to current events from around the world. Okay, I'm going to write something that may make my extremely conservative, Hannity and Colmes adoring father's heart stop beating, but I listen to NPR on my way to work now. (Someone get the crash cart). Okay, I know NPR is somewhat liberal (somewhere my father has stopped breathing), but the more conservative AM station (760) does not come in very well on my radio. Anyway, despite one horrid, bile-inducing report on illegal immigration, I have enjoyed my new listening choice. I feel informed without the bitter aftertaste that the 11:00 news leaves in my mouth. I now know that Mitt Romney is a presidential hopeful and not a breed of labrador. I know that Laura Linney is a serious actress who never brings her own personal baggage into any movie she's in. Oh, the things I've learned. I feel as if I have arrived as an adult.

Now if I could just work on not giggling when I hear the word "fart".

Friday, November 23, 2007

Somewhat organized reflections

I love this time of year. Even though holiday shopping sometimes brings out the worst in people, myself included (I mean parking lot stalking should be taken as seriously are regular stalking), it serves as testimony to the giving nature of people. I often wonder how the Lord can love so many people, how He can see good in His creation. I wonder if people are drawn closer to Him at this time of year.

Over the last couple days of "giving thanks", I've found myself reflecting on the Lord's grace and mercy. As I reflect on His glory, I find myself humbled by the miracles he has performed in my life and the lives around me. I am in awe of the little ways He shows himself, and how I often times miss it. My busy life gets in the way, my worries and concerns blind me to His love.

This being said, I just wanted to write about some of the ways the Lord has revealed Himself to me this past year.

-the birth of a beautiful baby boy whose parents were told having children would be nearly impossible

-the transformation of a sister who is seeking to know Him better

-not knowing if there would be money at the end of a month and having it provided in the most unlikely circumstances

-the blessing of a job in a state where it would seem a job would be impossible

-new friends

-the graciousness of a family who helped make a retreat possible

-the love of two families

-teachers who have helped the teacher

-an amazingly gorgeous fall season

-the opportunity to go to a job everyday that I love

-the wisdom and knowledge of a younger brother

-the laughter shared with a mother

-the encouragement provided by a father

-kisses from my beautiful niece

-a friend who provides hope and love to students who would otherwise go without

-a friend who sticks with an impossible job because she knows she is where the Lord wants her

-the marriage of two wonderful people

-a husband who prayed with me, who loved me, and who provided comfort during hard times (and still continues do these things)

-a husband who doesn't run the other direction when his wife cries over a cheeseburger that was supposed to be a hamburger

"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone, my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear my Boss Say...

"Do you want to take home my carcass with the drippings?"


Okay, so here's the story, yesterday at school K - 2 grade had a Thanksgiving lunch. The turkey was roasted in the teacher's work room. My director was asking if I wanted to take home the turkey carcass and the drippings to make turkey soup. When she asked me this question, I told her, "Well, there's something you never expect to hear from your boss."

Good times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have you hugged a teacher today?

Somedays teaching is very hard, to put it lightly. There are days when I drive home crying, exhausted, sad, angry, confused, weary, lonely. Students' moods are up and down, and I know I shouldn't take it personal, but it's hard to become that detached. There are days when I feel like I don't deserve to teach; I wonder how I was awarded a teaching certificate. These days are hard.

Then there are the days when you get the silly nicknames, like "Mrs. Most Awesomest Teacher in the World" (true story) and your heart melts. There are days when a student tells you he/she appreciates you, and you thank God you are allowed to be in this profession. There are days when a simple smile is all it takes to make your day. There are days when they just get teach it to them and they get it! There are days when enthusiasm truly is infectious. There are days when a student tells you she voted for you as the best teacher on a MySpace survey. I love these days.

Today I had a hard day, and I left school feeling defeated, but I know tomorrow is a chance to start have a good day. This is why I love teaching. I love that every day I go to a job I love and can learn something new and interact with amazing people. I get to watch as these young adults discover themselves and have epiphanies and laugh at themselves and cry together and make amazing discoveries about who they are capable of being. Somedays I want to press the easy button. But I don't think I could love another job as much as I do teaching...except singing on Broadway and voicing a Disney character.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hills are alive

Yes, it's true, I watch The Hills. In my defense, though, it is the only show I watch on MTV (except when they show reruns of America's Next Top Model...what can I say...beautiful people are fun to watch). I just want to jot down some thoughts that have come to me as I've watched this season.

1. Is it just me or do Heidi and Spencer look like real life versions of Ken and Barbie....just shorter and less busty?

2. Was Spencer trying to grow facial hair for a while? Or did he get some sand on his face and forget to wash it off?

3. Audrina's boyfriend, or whatever he is, makes me want to change the channel to CSPAN. Argh.

4. Do you think Audrina knows what a book is?

5. I want to work for Teen Vogue.

6. I hate Audrina's boyfriend.

7. Okay, Lauren...I'm sorry that awful rumor was spread about you...but can't give Heidi another chance? I know Spencer is a moron who lacks the ability to grow convincing facial hair, but why? I know you "forgave" her but "I want to forget you"?!! Harsh.

8. "Justin Bobby"...HILARIOUS! I laugh every time.

9. Do these people have indestructable livers? And fake i.d.s?

and finally...

10. Justin Bobby is the most loathsome creature...ever.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tales of the boring

One of the reasons I created a blog was to record the random events in which I seem to become entangled by no choice of my own. There was the time, when I worked for Marcoux Allen, that I was delivering legal documents to the courthouse and they flew out of my hand and blew down Jackson St. I ended up being able to pick them all up after weaving in and out of traffic and was able to deliver them safely to the courthouse...tire marks and all. There was also the time when I was walking home from school (high school) and my friend yelled across the street to me, "Hey, my mom can take you home." Assuming that my friend would also be in the car with me I gladly accepted, pleased to not have to walk a mile and half home (uphill). We all know what happens when one assumes. My friend did stay in the car...for a block...where he was dropped off at his friend's house. Then, the mom proceeded to drive around Concord, stopped and met with one of her friends, and bought some alcohol at the gas station before taking me home. It was terrific (ly horrifying).

Now, my life has taken a turn for the boring. I would write about my students, but a.) don't want to get fired and b.) they're not very funny. I figured I might have some interesting driving stories. One never knows what one might see in the land of hills and dales...but nothing. I haven't even put my foot in my mouth lately, which, frankly, is shocking. This used to be a daily occurence.

I guess the funniest thing that happened to me occured last Friday night. Ben and I went to a very lively President's Dinner. I bought some black nylons to go with my dress and about 2 minutes into the night, noticed that I had a run that extended from my knee to mid-shin bone. See?!! Not exciting at all. I almost fell asleep telling that story. Snoozefest. A run in a pair of nylons?!! Please. What happened to saying inappropriate things not knowing that my boss was standing right behind me? What happened to farting in front of people and blaming it on my shoe?

All this to say...I apologize for the lack of posts...I just don't really have anything interesting to write.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reader's Coner, Part Deux

I recently read a wonderful novel, a novel that speaks to anyone who has ever harbored secret feelings for Mr. Darcy. I have been a long-time fan of Jane Austen and her endearing characters. On the advice of several of my students, who share my love for Austen characters and plot lines, I purchased a book by Shannon Hale. The book is entitled AUSTENLAND and it is wonderfully addicting. I bought it on a Thursday and finished it 4 days later (I probably would have finished it sooner if sleep wasn't so necessary).

The story's heroine, Jane Hayes, has had some rough luck when it comes to romance. Every man she ever meets seems to fall miles short of the charming Mr. Darcy. Jane seems doomed to love a fictional charcter for the rest of her life until her aunt leaves her a peculiar trip in her will. Jane is offered the chance to go to England and stay as house guest at Pembrook Park, Kent, a resort in which women have the chance to step into the literary world of Jane Austen. Jane, wishing to leave Mr. Darcy behind her, agrees to submerge herself into this world of Regency hoping to get over her lofty romantic ideals. Leaving the modern world behind, Jane dons empire waisted gowns, masters Regency etiquette, and flirts with gardeners and gentlemen. The book is funny and charming. A reader can't help but root for Jane to find her very own real life Mr. Darcy.

For anyone who has ever imagined herself dancing at an Austen ball or arguing with the irresistable Mr. Darcy, this book is for you. If you want to borrow my copy, I require a $20 deposit and the deed to your property. You'll get it back.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh sleep, how I miss you.

My friends with babies may read this post and scoff in my general direction, but I have to say it...I've never been this tired in my whole life. I feel like a walking zombie. And, yes, I do look like one. I don't know if this is my training for motherhood, but holy bejeezus. The other day, I was driving to work and stopped at a green light. Stopped. Where is the sleep? The next day I stopped at a blinking red light and there was no oncoming traffic. Just hanging out at the blinking red light.
Fridays I am in bed by 9:30 if I can help it. I live in a building with hundreds of students that know what 2:00 a.m. looks like because they choose to stay up that late. I would cry if I was still up at 2:00 a.m. I'm getting a little misty just thinking about it.

I've decided that the first day of Christmas break I'm going to really stick it to my circadian rhythm and sleep all day! It's glorious. Until then....aaldafj adlfda

sorry, fell asleep.