Monday, November 12, 2007

Tales of the boring

One of the reasons I created a blog was to record the random events in which I seem to become entangled by no choice of my own. There was the time, when I worked for Marcoux Allen, that I was delivering legal documents to the courthouse and they flew out of my hand and blew down Jackson St. I ended up being able to pick them all up after weaving in and out of traffic and was able to deliver them safely to the courthouse...tire marks and all. There was also the time when I was walking home from school (high school) and my friend yelled across the street to me, "Hey, my mom can take you home." Assuming that my friend would also be in the car with me I gladly accepted, pleased to not have to walk a mile and half home (uphill). We all know what happens when one assumes. My friend did stay in the car...for a block...where he was dropped off at his friend's house. Then, the mom proceeded to drive around Concord, stopped and met with one of her friends, and bought some alcohol at the gas station before taking me home. It was terrific (ly horrifying).

Now, my life has taken a turn for the boring. I would write about my students, but a.) don't want to get fired and b.) they're not very funny. I figured I might have some interesting driving stories. One never knows what one might see in the land of hills and dales...but nothing. I haven't even put my foot in my mouth lately, which, frankly, is shocking. This used to be a daily occurence.

I guess the funniest thing that happened to me occured last Friday night. Ben and I went to a very lively President's Dinner. I bought some black nylons to go with my dress and about 2 minutes into the night, noticed that I had a run that extended from my knee to mid-shin bone. See?!! Not exciting at all. I almost fell asleep telling that story. Snoozefest. A run in a pair of nylons?!! Please. What happened to saying inappropriate things not knowing that my boss was standing right behind me? What happened to farting in front of people and blaming it on my shoe?

All this to say...I apologize for the lack of posts...I just don't really have anything interesting to write.


rachel said...

I always love your posts. Whether it's sharing a book, sharing a laugh, or sharing some embarrassment... you never disappoint. You don't give yourself enough credit.

Sara Luke said...

My life's boring too. I write about it anyway. :)