Monday, March 28, 2011

Parkers Exit Stage Left

Where have I been?  Why have I neglected you so?  I do have good reason.  Life has been, um, changing very rapidly.  So, I have in mind what I need to update on, and I have created a checklist to keep me accountable. 
  • Eli's 2nd Birthday and party 
  • Ben's new job and SAU's blessings check
  • Looking for a house
  • My grandpa's visit 
  • King Eli's ever-changing demands (he now tells us which way he wants us to drive when we get in the car)
  • Summer plans
I do want to fill you in one of the most significant changes in the Parker household. After 8 years of employment at SAU, Ben has taken a job with Jackson County Sheriff's Dept.  He actually started today (Monday).  We will continue to stay at Spring Arbor through the end of the school year, as Ben will be performing his RD duties (hee hee - duties) in a part time capacity.  Which is awesome, because we get to stay here for a while longer until we have to find a house.

I feel like I'm taking this change harder than Ben.  Don't get me wrong, Ben has enjoyed his experiences at Spring Arbor, but he was ready for a change.  I, on the other hand, don't handle change that well...even good change.  It throws me off my axis, and I feel like life is askew until I can wrap my head around what has changed.  I started at SAU in 1999, graduated in 2003, got married that summer, where after Ben immediately started his job in admissions and we rented a house two blocks away from campus; Ben took the RD job in 2006, where after we moved back on campus, and now here we are.  I have literally not left Spring Arbor University since 1999. 

I can see your eyes rolling.  I know it's time to move on, but know...okay?

So, we're moving in a couple months.  The university has been so gracious in their accommodations for us.  We are able to stay on campus until June 15, which gives us ample time to find a house.  The location has yet to be determined.  We want to stay in Spring Arbor township so Ben could remain on the fire dept, but houses are pretty difficult to find here, so we may be moving in to the booming metropolis of Jackson, which has got me seriously thinking about where we will send Eli to school.

 But that's for another post.  Until then...deuces.