Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Crack Me Up, Whitney - 3 months

What's that?  Oh, you noticed that your 3 month and 2 month letters were written on the same day?  I have a perfectly good explanation.  You see, I actually wrote your 2 month letter a week after you turned 2 months.  But I was waiting to upload pictures from my camera and then upload the files from Iphoto and then I haven't been sleeping well these last three months and then there was that week our entire family had the stomach flu straight from Lucifer himself and then we ran out of Capn Crunch and then you turned 3 months...soooo, sorry. 

The best thing about this last month is that you started sleeping 5 - 6 hour stretches at night.  Around the same time, my hallucinations stopped.  So, that was awesome.  We've pretty much gotten into a sort of schedule, which is nice for your anal mother who basically shuts down when things are in disarray. 

5:00 a.m. You wake up to eat, and I think I wake up too.

5:45 a.m. You go back to sleep, and I pray your brother will choose to sleep past 7:00.

9:00 a.m. You wake up to eat and play.

11:00 a.m.ish You take a your swing...b/c that's the only place you'll nap.  I try to prevent your brother from putting all your toys in your swing along with you.

1:00 p.m. You wake up to eat and play.

3:30/4:00 p.m. You take a nap with me...because I'm tired...and so are you...and your brother is sleeping, too.

6:00 p.m. You wake up to eat and watch the Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy block.  You love mocking Trebek.

8:00ish p.m. You take a little power nap.

8:45ish p.m. You wake up to eat again and dance the night away.

11:30 p.m. I plead with you to go to sleep.

Midnight/1:00 a.m. You go to sleep for the night.  

So, about that 8:45 - 1:00 a.m. stretch...if we could go to bed before infomercials start, that would be great.  Just throwing that out there.  

Most importantly, you started laughing this month.  It is the most mellifluous sound.  I was de-linting your toes one night and heard this little giggle.  I looked at you and you were smiling.  So, I went back to de-linting your toes and you giggled again.  It was fantastic.  You're a regular Tickle-Me-Whitney without the matted, questionable red fur.  Sometimes around 11 at night, you'll just look at me and start laughing.  At first I was offended, but then I just started laughing back.  We'll just laugh back and forth for 15 minutes.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  Just a couple of slap happy gals.  

I should also mention that while you fit into your 3-6 months tops, you is-a sportin' a slight muffin top with the pants.  Girl, you own that muffin-top.  Your tummy just sort of spills over any pants I put you in. It is the most adorable little inter tube ever.  

Other fun stuff from this past month: you met your great-grandpa Rick and great-grandma and grandpa Parker; you were the only one in our house to not come down with the stomach flu, and praise Jesus for that; we've replaced the batteries in your swing four times now, and I'm sure it will accompany you to college; during one particularly tearful car ride home from the grocery store, I discovered that you heart Beyonce (and why wouldn't you?); and you love my animal impressions (and why wouldn't you?).  
There are no words.
You bring so much happiness to this house, Scout.  While it has been difficult adjusting to having two little ones, I wouldn't trade my sleepless nights, my thrown-up on clothes, or my inner tube tummy for anything.  Being with you and your brother every day is my favorite thing. 

I love you, my sweet Scout. 

Whitney: The 418th Most Popular Name in 2011

Happy 2 months, my sweet girl.  So, last post I provided your birth story.  I thought I'd spend part of this post explaining how we arrived at your name.  I apologize in advanced that it's not a great story.

Your dad was very non-committal with your name.  I would throw dozens of different names his way, and he would shoot down every one. EVERY ONE.  So, one night I made a list of 10 names and asked him to circle the ones he liked.  Whitney was the last name I put on the list.  I've always liked the name and once had a barbie doll named Whitney whose hair I was supposed to be able to curl with this plastic curling iron.  Whatever, Matel, you big fat liar! I digress.  Anyway, it was the only name he circled. 

Whitney.  There we had it.  I liked it.  Your dad liked it.  Done deal.

Then, I started practicing introducing my TWO children.  "Hi, this is Eli and Whitney."  Hmmmm...Eli and Whitney.  It sounds familiar.  Eli ... and...Whitney...Eli...Whitney. 

Eli Whitney.

The inventor of the cotton gin.

I expressed my concern to your father.  "What if people think we're these avid Eli Whitney fans? What if people think we have a historic  museum dedicated to his prolific career (prolific used generously) in our basement?" 

Your dad rolled his eyes and in his most laid back, lovable way said, "Who cares...that's the name of our daughter."

Our daughter...beautiful sigh.

So, do not fret, my lovely.  You are in no way some personified love letter to Mr. Eli Whitney.

We settled on Elizabeth, or I should say your father conceded the name Elizabeth, because I wanted to name you after my favorite literary heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. 

And there we are, Whitney Elizabeth. 

A few days after you were born we had to take a quick trip back to the hospital to have some of your blood work redone.  It made your father so happy to tote his newborn daughter out into the cold because the hospital messed up.  So happy.  While we were there, a lady asked how we had settled on Whitney.  I looked at her with the most serious look and said, "My husband and I are HUGE Whitney Houston fans."

That's not true, either.

We don't have a secret tribute museum to Eli Whitney, and we are not members of any Whitney Houston fan clubs.  (However, I did wear out my Bodyguard soundtrack by dancing around my room singing "I'm Every Woman".)  What? No, I didn't.  Who said that?  yes I did. 

You are not named after anybody (I mean, aside from your middle name).  We just loved the name.  It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Aren't you glad you sat down for that story?

Moving on to our second month with you.

The most amazing thing happened this month..right at the beginning.  You and I were up late one night gabbing about how you wouldn't go to sleep and how The Artist is a shoo-in for the Oscar and how TiVo really is better than DVR when you looked up at me and...SMILED.  And then my heart melted all over the floor and I had to get out the Oxy clean.  It was incredible. 

Since that fateful night, your smile has been dazzling audiences everywhere.  It's just incredible.

Other highlights from this last month: you began cooing, you hate pepperoni (at least when I eat it), you and your swing are going steady, and you poop like no one's business. 

You are lovely, my dear Scout.  And I thank Jesus every day for your life.