Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hills are alive

Yes, it's true, I watch The Hills. In my defense, though, it is the only show I watch on MTV (except when they show reruns of America's Next Top Model...what can I say...beautiful people are fun to watch). I just want to jot down some thoughts that have come to me as I've watched this season.

1. Is it just me or do Heidi and Spencer look like real life versions of Ken and Barbie....just shorter and less busty?

2. Was Spencer trying to grow facial hair for a while? Or did he get some sand on his face and forget to wash it off?

3. Audrina's boyfriend, or whatever he is, makes me want to change the channel to CSPAN. Argh.

4. Do you think Audrina knows what a book is?

5. I want to work for Teen Vogue.

6. I hate Audrina's boyfriend.

7. Okay, Lauren...I'm sorry that awful rumor was spread about you...but can't give Heidi another chance? I know Spencer is a moron who lacks the ability to grow convincing facial hair, but why? I know you "forgave" her but "I want to forget you"?!! Harsh.

8. "Justin Bobby"...HILARIOUS! I laugh every time.

9. Do these people have indestructable livers? And fake i.d.s?

and finally...

10. Justin Bobby is the most loathsome creature...ever.


rachel said...

... i can't relate to this post at all. except the part about watching reruns of america's next top model.

Sara Luke said...

1. No way. Ken and Barbie are way smarter.

2. I think the sand thing's a good theory.

5. Me too.

6. Me too.

7. Hmmm . . . you have a point. But wouldn't you want to forget me too if I spread a rumor when you were in college that you and Ben made a sex tape? I still haven't watched the episode where she said that!