Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet

Ladies and Gentlemen...I did it. I survived my first semester of teaching. There were a few times when I felt as if my brain were going to explode or leak out of my ear due to overuse. I actually thought it was once, but it turned out to be earwax. Today marked the end of first semester. I gave my exams, graded a countless number of essays, did more math that I usually allow myself to do, and recorded my grades. I celebrated by filling in my attendance book for next semester (ever the diligent worker).

I remember being given my course documents and feeling like I was the most incompetent person to handle this job. I remember coming home, sitting on the floor in our apartment with these intricate course documents and crying...a lot (I handle stress well). I had no clue how I was going to make it through the first two weeks, let alone the semester. I am completely aware I did not make it to this point on my own (cue Oscar music).

Ben has been wonderful. I haven't been the best wife these last few months and he has yet to serve me with divorce papers (score). He has let me whine and cry and throw tantrums (without the usual fee he has me pay for participating in these activities).

My beloved friends that I've made at WCA (I know that's not a sentence...but it deserves to stand on its own). They are wonderful and I am immensely thankful for them. (This post is becoming sappier by the moment...and by sappy, I mean annoyingly corny.)

Fellow English teachers (aka..Rachel). It has been so helpful to have a friend who understands the complexities and trip-ups of English and high school students.

My family. Thanks for letting me be a negligent daughter for the last several months. I promise I'll call soon (and by soon, I mean June).

I also know that the only possible explanation for my brain not exploding is Jesus.

I was driving home today just thinking about how blessed my life really is, and it made me smile all the way to Spring Arbor (that and the smell of delicious chicken nuggets that I was bringing home...mmmmmmm chicken nuggets.)

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rachel said...

I love you... I'm so proud of you. I hope this is a very relaxing (3 DAY!) weekend for you. And the earwax thing - totally disgusting. :) Next Saturday = you + me + Ann Arbor.