Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh, Journey.

My sister and I created a masterpiece compilation c.d. last night. It has the RADDEST (that's right I said raddest) songs from the 80s on it. As I was listening to the c.d. today in the car (and doing my best sitting down 80s dance) I came to Journey's "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight". Now, I'm not here to put down Journey...nor should anyone ever defame Journey. However, what does the song mean? Here is the chorus:

"Oh, I I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something you said."

I'm no lyricist, but is this romantic? What could she have said? So, I started to come up with things "she" could have said that lead to his tragic death (in her arms no less).

1. I'm sorry you were shot.

2. I told you this choke hold works.

3. I'm going to stab you.

4. Are you having a heart attack?

5. Journey sucks.

I love my rides home...they're so productive.

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