Friday, August 10, 2007

Narcissism on Display

I saw this phrase on a bumpersticker today and, at the same time, heard my brother snicker "That's truly American." I don't even pretend to be a sociologist, however, I can't help but wonder if we are a society plagued by "morbid introspection." We seem to be so busy (I am the first to plead guilty) trying to care for and define ourselves we have become blindsided to the needs of others. "I love me." I have spent hours contemplating who I am, what defines me, promising God that as soon as I have ME figured out, I can try to be of some help to others...but first I need to figure out me. "I mean really God, you don't want ME to help people, I can't even help myself." I've taken a 26 year sabbatical from society to figure out me. Why is it so difficult for me to find my identity in Christ? Why is it difficult to give
*As I rant I am painfully aware that I am participating in the very activity that I am trying to avoid, however, it helps to write out what I'm thinking (and I know my mom will forgive me.)

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