Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Frowner

I have not interviewed in front of a "committee" before this summer, so I had never been aware that on every interview panel there is the token "frowner". The "frowner", I'm convinced, is asked to be on the committee to tear down any confidence the interviewee may have had. I can hear them now, "Let's put Debbie Downer on our committee to see how well this interviewee can withstand her misery." You, the interviewee, smile in this person's general direction only to be met by hollow, soulless eyes that seem to scream "Think you have this job...well, you are WRONG!!!!" The interviewee's confidence is understandably shaken. The experienced prevail against this harpee of the interviewing world, but the inexperienced march to their doom and are left unemployed and broken. Who will rise up against this interviewing foe? WHO??!


rachel said...

awesome that you have a blog!!! mine is - we can now be blogging buddies. even more awesome than we already are.

Jeanette said...
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