Monday, May 26, 2008

Play That Funky Music (Part Deux)

A while back, I posted an entry about my current music addictions. I feel compelled to write another, more current, listing of music that dominates the airwaves in my car and home. Some of these songs are not current, but their mellifluous melodies have left a lasting impression on me. And away we go...

1.) Viva la Vida-by: Coldplay- I am a HUGE Coldplay fan. I never tire of their music and eagerly anticipate any forthcoming albums. This title track off their new c.d. is AMAZING. It has a beautiful string arrangement and a driving beat that dares you not to smile. New c.d.: June 17!!

2.) We're Going to be Friends-by: Whitestripes-Fun acoustic song. I am a fan of this group's somewhat eccentric style. Good song for the impending graduation season.

3.) Colorblind-by: Natalie Walker-This is a cover of a Counting Crows song. I loved it when Counting Crows sang it...I love it even more now. She preserves the same sweet melody and adds her own haunting harmonies. It's a wonderful cover.

4.) Hometown Glory-by:ADELE-This was a free download on Itunes a few months back. It has a beautiful, driving piano accompaniment. Her voice has a raspy, Amy Winehouse tone to it.

5.) Little Black Sandals-by: Sia-This song is off her latest c.d. I love the whole album and this song in particular.

6.) Mother-by: Tori Amos-I have loved Tori Amos since my freshman year of high school when I was introduced to her "Under the Pink" album. She is an amazingly opaque song-writer...and she plays the piano like no one's business. This song is from her Little Earthquakes album. It is like a comfort food to me. The piano melody is soothing.

7.) Ultraviolet Rays-by: U2-Another favorite band. My favorite U2 song is With or Without You, but Ultraviolet Rays (from Achtung Baby) is just a great song...and the Edge is brilliant in it.

8.) Never Let Go-by: David Crowder Band-This song has brought me to tears. It's a humbling reminder of His love.

9.) How Far We've Come-by: Matchbox 20-Current favorite for dance party. I dare you not to bust into a wicked-rad 80's dance when you hear this song.

10.) Don't Stop the Music-by: Rihanna- Now, Internet, don't you judge me. It is a fun song and perfect for dance party. I also like running to it.

11.) Piazza, New York Catcher-by: Belle and Sebastian-I heart Belle and Sebastian, and this song is played in Juno. The combination is wonderful.

12.) Concerning the UFO sighting Near Highland, Illinois-by: Sufjan Stevens-Sufjan tops my list of all time favorite musicians. This album (Come on, Feel the Illinois) is one of my favorites. His quirky, eclectic song writing is unique and wonderful. I love the piano melody in this song.

13.) Human Behaviour-by: Bjork-I just like this song. She's weird and that's what makes her music fun.



rachel said...

further evidence that our friendship is meant to be: i also adore coldplay. and we like the same music. t-hardly any time at all until our glorious revolution. i mean celebration.

rachel said...

so as soon as i read this post, i bought viva la vida (song not album) and i am OBSESSED.