Sunday, May 11, 2008

For a "Cool Mom"

Dear Marmee,

Allow me to publicly wish you a Happy Mother's Day! I was thinking of ways to make this entry snazzy and Internet worthy--a clever acrostic, a humorous limerick, an ode Keats or Dryden style. All of these avenues, however, seemed trite and superficial. So allow me to express, straight prose, how much of a wonderful mother you are. (You should know that in my head, this entry is being accompanied by a subtle, yet moving string arrangement).


Mom I appreciate your sense of humor. I love that you instilled in me a twisted, sarcastic sense of humor. It has served me well through out my life. I believe I won "Most Humorous" in High School thank you very much. Truth is, you also passed along your unapologetic gene for involving one's self in all things embarrassing. So, this magical sense of humor you passed along has come in handy in helping me deal with the many mortifying moments in my life (i.e. chasing legal documents down Jackson Street in a skirt). I love that you think I'm one of the funniest people you know. It serves as a much needed ego boost every now and then. I also love that you think farts are funny! Love it!

I appreciate your intelligence. You are one of the smartest people I know...okay, not when it comes to technology, but that's okay. I would come to you with any injury, scary looking pimple, or upset stomach, and I would recommend you to friends (I have!). The love you put into your profession is amazing to me, and I strive to do the same in my job.

I appreciate your sense of style. You definitely have moxy! I don't know if I would have purchased that belt at Chico's, but you pulled it off! You're classic and sophisticated and I hope I dress half as well as you when I'm a mom. Please don't ever let me buy "mom" jeans; please just punch me in the face first.

I appreciate your dedication to your family. Whatever happens, I know you'll have my back (Bruce Lee style). I would not want to be the person who goes toe to toe with you over a member of our family, 'cause that sucka is going down. Thank you for your devotion, whether it be through cupcakes for my class (with little conversation hearts), sticking it to the Honda people, the birthday song, burning holes in my nail so I don't lose it, or sticking it to Mrs. Garrity.

There's so much more I could write, but hopefully you get the idea of how blessed I feel to have you as a mother...and not a mother of the "no more wire hangers" variety.

You truly are a Cool Mom!


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rachel said...

cute tribute - can't wait to get the soundtrack. :)