Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whoooo is Turning One?

Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel's little girl, Emma, turns one?  As with any sitcom, blunders and hi-jinks abound.  There was a mix-up with the cake, which was supposed to be a bunny, and it ends up being X-rated.  No one wants to stay for the party, Emma won't wake up from her nap, etc., etc., etc.  I kept picturing this episode while planning Eli's first birthday. While I had dreams of accidentally giving everyone salmonella poisoning with undercooked chicken wings or not being ready for the party, I can say that the day exceeded my expectations.  In the company of family, our little boy celebrated an exciting first birthday.

What was the theme, you ask?  ( didn't ask...)  I had an owl theme.  I know it sounds weird, but it was much cuter than it sounds.  Eli has this super cute owl shirt (you can see it here), and I thought I could do a party based around this shirt.  My friend Sara (whose Etsy shop you can see here) made adorable invitations.  And I found some other cute owl-themed items on Etsy, including stickers and cupcake toppers.  I also found an owl balloon online (b/c I could not find one anywhere in Jackson) and some owl ribbon at Michael's.  I was out of control with the owl stuff.

these are owl stickers that I made everyone wear (b/c I'm bossy)
 (there were more than four cupcakes, but I forgot to take a picture of them all)

I made chicken wings to go with our theme (let's see if you can figure that out without me having to write on the Internet how I made the decision to serve chicken wings).  I also had a jar of tootsie-roll pops (b/c of their owl mascot).  I decided to go with cupcakes for Eli's induction into the world of  diabetes-inducing food.  My first batch of cupcakes tasted like popcorn (because I accidentally bought butter-flavor cupcakes.  What?!  Who wants butter-flavored cupcakes?).  Luckily, I bought a box of normal flavor cupcakes and made those after discovering my butterific blunder.  Eli INHALED his cupcake.  I mean, it was a new world record in the one-year old division.  It was cute (until his stomachache caused him to wake up several times throughout the night).

It was a great day spent with great people!  Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.  (You're welcome.)
 ("where's my next cupcake, fool?")

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


rachel said...

aw, love the owl t & all the cute owl-themed... things! (especially the ribbon around the jar - too cute)
looks like eli had a fabulous first birthday!!

sara luke said...

I'm so sad we couldn't make it! Maybe we can get together sometime this week?

ann said...

Very cool. Also, did you know that Josiah has an own theme for his nursery?

Melissa Hoffman said...

love the theme! Great job mom, super fabulous 1st birthday! Also I have the same cupcake holder and use it all the time! :)

ann said...

Of course, I meant to write "owl," not "own."

Jeanette said...

Ann, I figured you meant 'owl'. I think that is such a cute idea for a nursery...I am fan of little cute owls (not the scary, bad omen ones in Shakespeare's stuff).