Friday, January 22, 2010

The Day the Fire Brigade Went on Strike

So, I bought Eli these two shirts from this place for Christmas.  I ordered them probably the first week of December, and I received a package from them on the 15th of December.  However, instead of two cute baby tees, I received two XL woman's tees.  One of them was actually fitting for me as it was a screen print of literary characters.  However, as I am not XL (yet) and did not need two mildly amusing screen print tees, I did not have any use for the obviously mixed up order.  I was a little frustrated, b/c I knew that I wasn't going to be able to give these shirts to  Eli for Christmas.  Think how upset he would be when he wasn't able to open ANOTHER present that contained t-shirts he could care less about.  Just think of it.  Doesn't your heart weep?

Okay, so not really a big deal...just frustrating.  So, I emailed customer service to see what would be the best plan of action.  They were immediate in their apologetic response, and told me to send the wrong shirts back (they would refund the shipping) and they would send the proper order, along with a coupon for my next purchase.  I sent the shirts back on the 17th.  And waited. And waited.  Then silently fumed about the mistreatment I was enduring.  I mean this had to be next to impoverished orphans and the unclean drinking water crisis on the list of horrible issues our world is facing, right?  I mean I waited 2...TWO weeks to hear back from this place.  Imagine the human suffering.  My child who has more clothes than will fit in his closet and dresser was going without 2, TWO more unnecessary shirts.

So, I emailed the company about a week and a half ago just to see what was the deal with my return.  They again promptly emailed me back and apologized for the delay, and assured me my order would be shipped out within the next few days.  They also gave me $5 off my next order and refunded my shipping money.

The shirts arrived today, and they are so adorable:


I can't wait for Eli to not give these a second look.  At least his mama gets excited about trivial things.

Side note:  The love I have in my heart for HGTV has just infinitely multiplied.  I love reading this woman's blog (I stole her idea was inspired by her idea of posting monthly newsletters to her daughter).  And now she has a show on HGTV...sweet tv bliss.

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Joy said...

Dooce has a tv show!! Oh man, now I really need to get cable!