Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walk This Way - Eli at 11 months

This time last year I was looking very similar to a beached whale.  I couldn't get enough of people telling me I looked tired, swollen, like I was going to pop and the incessant staring.  Now here we are.  People still tell me I look tired and swollen, but the staring is more directed at your insane cuteness--and those dimples, yowza!  You, my precious boy, are nearly a year old.  A whole year!  We've had the pleasure of your out-of-utero company for eleven months.  This has been a month of milestones.  You have become so much more independent.  And while I love to watch you explore, I can't help but want to keep you little and protected.  Alas, my work in the lab has not produced an anti-aging here we go.


Well, the big thing is your ever-increasing mobility.  You are definitely walking about 90% of the time now.  It's amazing to see you go.  When you were a wee baby, I would look at you and say, "I don't see how this little boy will be rolling...crawling...walking."

Dr. Gardner would have to agree that you rank high in the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.  You seem to be fearless in your exploration.  You continue to crawl/walk through, under, over anything in your path.  One night I was getting your tubby ready, and your giddiness for your impending bath could not be contained and you hoisted yourself almost into the tub.  I say almost, because if I hadn't been there to reign in your excitement, you would have earned your diving merit badge.  You also love taking our pots and pans out of the cabinet and climbing in.  And then there are stairs.  You can't get enough of them.  We have stairs that lead from the hallway outside our apartment to the lounge area that you are completely enamored with (the stairs...sorry for the dangling modifier).  You have learned to climb up and down them.  You definitely have an adventurous spirit, which is great!  You did NOT inherit that from me.  

You've also become very social.  When I'm at work on Monday and Wednesday nights, your dad will take you out to the lounge for your social hour.  He told me that the other night you two were in the upstairs lounge, and there was this group of girls sitting at a table studying.  You would act like you were going to go over to talk to them, but would chicken out.  Finally, you were able to muster up the courage to walk all the way over to them.  I hear they were instantly under your spell.  The next day as we were walking from Lowell to the student center, these same girls shouted your name from their window.  You're such a celebrity.  You love people, which, again, is something you did not inherit from me.  Not to say I don't love people, but I remember the pole that held up the roof was my best friend during recess for the first couple weeks of college...ummm kindergarten.

Playing Skip-Bo with some friends

Among your social milestones, my favorite would have to be your delight in giving kisses.  I hope that you refine the skill before you have your first kiss (when you're 25), because right now you give a kiss with your mouth open and the drool flowing.  A couple weeks ago, your gammy Rick was sad about something, and when she walked in the door, you went right up to her and gave her a kiss.  It made her day (and mine).  It's completely adorable.  Your favorite person to give kisses to is your daddy.  He is also your favorite snuggle buddy.  He'll be laying on the floor in the living room and you'll just walk over to him and lay your head on top of his.  Don't worry, I don't feel left out...I'm your preferred consoler (not a word) when you fall down and/or are grumpy.   

Giving gma Parker kisses

You celebrated your first Christmas this past month.  I was bracing myself for cataclysmic mood swings from you due to a very messed up schedule during the week of Christmas, but, again, you were very mellow about everything.  Again, not a trait inherited from me.  I was rocking back and forth in a corner after Christmas due to my messed up schedule.  It looks like Fisher Price exploded in our living room which is always great for an uptight person like your mother.  Don't worry, I'm currently devising an organization plan to help reduce my panic attacks. 

 All these toys, and you'd rather play with the dvd cases

More than all the toys, you seemed to love being around your family.  You definitely thrive when you're able to be social.  I mean you could be spewing fire and shouting curses in my general direction one second, and then someone new walks in the room and you go all Pollyanna.  It was great to see you connect with your great-grandpa, your uncle, your cousins, everybody!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting update on Eli's sleep.  I told myself that we would master your sleep during Christmas break.  All the students would be gone, your dad would be home during the day.  However, the best laid plans...Actually, we seemingly mastered sleep the week students moved back in to the building.  One night, you would just not go to sleep.  Well, you did go to sleep at your normal bed time, but then woke up at 10:00 ready to head to Vegas to try your luck at Blackjack.  So, in a huff of frustration, I calmly laid you in your bed, told you I loved you and...WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM.  And you started crying.  BUT I STAYED OUT OF THE ROOM.  I laid in bed, calculating how much I'd have to spend on therapy for you because of this traumatic moment.  And stopped crying.  I turned to your dad and asked, "Have I gone deaf?"  You just stopped...ten minutes of crying, and you went to sleep.  Not only that, but you stayed asleep until 6:30 the next morning.  The next night you did the same thing.  I laid you in your crib at 8:00, you cried for a few minutes and then went to sleep, and AND you didn't get up once during the night.  It was bliss.  I actually started living like a normal human being.  I was alert, energized, not a threat behind the wheel.  It was miraculous.

Then, I opened my big fat mouth to the Internet, and a minion of the devil saw fit to end our streak.  My friend Sara posted this  about things bloggers should never do, like claim victory over something out loud.  I cannot believe I said out loud, to people that you were sleeping through the night.  A week into our wakeless sleep, you got sick.  It was actually very sad. Remember this post when I was all "my child never gets sick."  Your mother is an idiot.  (Don't say idiot).  You came down with a fever that peaked at 103.  It lasted four days, and our blissful 8 hours of sleep waved bye-bye. We'll keep trying.  Last night was your first night fever-free, and we were definitely back at square one. 

Aaaanyway, as you can read (someday) it's been a very eventful month. I'm sorry for the epic-like length of this post.  It was written in iambic-pentameter at first, but I thought I'd save you from that misery.  I'm sure my faithful readers (thanks, mom) ditched this post about three paragraphs back, but that's okay.  I don't want to forget a moment of your amazing life. You have grown up so quickly.  I feel like your first year has been a blur.  I am so thankful for the love and happiness you've added to our home (I mean we had love and happiness before, but you've added to it exponentially). You are the best thing.  I love you lots, my precious boy.


rachel said...

love this post! can't believe that eli is WALKING! must see you soon... it has been far, far too long.

Chrystal said...

"I was rocking back and forth in a corner after Christmas due to my messed up schedule." OHGosh, you crack me up! That was totally me, too!

Your blog is great - I love reading it. Eli is lucky to have such a great mom.