Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Fall Asleep Counting My Blessings

(cheese factor of post title thanks to Bing Crosby)

If you've ever read my blog (which I know you have, mom), then you know that I often will write my posts in my head whilst driving or trying to fall asleep.  Lately, I've been working on a New Year's post that will blow your mind (see, now don't you want to come back and read my New Year's post?  No? Yeah, it probably won't be that great.).  Aaaanyway, I know I won't have the opportunity to post between now and the end of the year what with Christmas festivities both here and yonder.  So, I thought I would post a top 10 blessings list.  There are way more than 10 things for which I have felt blessed this year.  These 10, however, stand out as unique to this year.

10. Sleep. I've discovered how much of a blessing a full night's sleep is.  Being deprived of sleep for an extended period of time makes you value it even more...that and a box fan.  

9. Glee.  High School antics set to a musical  =  genius.  There was one time in college when I tried to sing everything I did.  While I wasn't the most popular person that day, I felt a little better about life at the end of it.  Musicals make everything better, even prime time television.

8. Maternity pants.  I am hoping that some day it will be socially acceptable to wear fashionable pants with a waist that expands with you.  Oh, maternity pants, how I miss you--especially during the holidays. 

7. Caffeine (especially Coke). See number 10.

6. Mom friends (not to be confused with my mom's friends).  I have never been as grateful for the camaraderie of like-minded people than I have been since having Eli.  Spending time with women who have children similar in age to Eli is a breath of fresh air.  While I often feel like I'm in a NuvaRing commercial while hanging out with mom friends, it really is nice to bounce off ideas, frustrations, joys, etc. with women who are going through similar things.  These women are amazing, talented, fun, and just an all around blessing to me.

5. The generosity of our family.  Since I've decided to stay home with Eli, we are without the benefits of a double income lifestyle.  However, the Lord has blessed us with the generosity of our family.  Our parents have paid for necessary baby items, such as a winter coat, a high chair and a convertible carseat (just to name a few).  I am humbled and blessed by their generosity.  

4. Our trip to California.  Again, the generosity of our family made this memorable experience possible.  My grandpa provided the means for us to take Eli out to see him and other family members this summer.  It is a trip I will never forget and am eternally grateful for (sorry for the dangling preposition).

3. A (very) fast delivery.  I am probably the weakest person I know.  I don't handle pain well; my body's initial response to an intense amount of pain (and by intense, I mean when I hit my elbow the wrong way) is to pass out.  So, the prospect of 14 - 16 hours (the average length of a woman's first labor) of feeling like the lower half of my body was trying to break free from the upper half of my body was not something to which I was looking forward.  The Lord knows me well.  My water broke at 7:00 a.m., contractions started at 7:45 and Eli was born at 10:30 a.m.  We didn't even have enough time to get our camera out.  It was so quick.  I must say I am a little worried about my next delivery (if the time should come), because "they" say that each subsequent labor is faster than the previous.  

2. A healthy child.  Eli has probably had 2 colds since his debut, and they really haven't been that bad.  He already sleeps so horribly, I can't imagine how much worse it would be if bad sleeping habits were coupled with illness. 

1. Eli.  Obviously a child is a huge blessing.  It feels like an understatement, though, to simply say Eli is a huge blessing.  Our lives are completely changed with his arrival.  I sit here at a loss because I can't think of an elegant, exact way to describe what he has brought to our lives.  He is definition of blessing.  Go ahead, look it up: blessing - [bles-ing]  (n) - Elijah Steven Parker

The end.

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