Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost? (warning: if you're waiting to watch last night's episode on TiVo this weekend, don't read.)

Okay, so episodes of Lost often stick with me long after the final blackout.  Last night's episode was no exception.  And while I am a nerd about Lost, I can't bring myself to join one of those on-line forums with some handle like, 'lostfanelimom'.  Not that I've thought about it or anything.  So, I thought maybe if I post some of my questions from last night, people who know me and also love Lost might have answers or speculations.  If not, I've just upped my nerd factor exponentially, b/c a.) I'm using my blog to post questions about a t.v. show and b.) it will appear like I have no friends.

So here we go:

1. So what happened to the monster's body?  I mean how was he able to shift into Locke?  Didn't he have his own body like Jacob?

2.  Why was Jacob able to be killed?  Isn't he a spiritual presence?  And why couldn't Locke-monster do it?

3. What's up with the flash-sideways storylines?  According to Juliet via Miles, they what's going on?

4. Why would Claire still be going to LA.  Wouldn't the psychic see she wasn't going to crash.  I mean isn't that why he told her to go in the first place...b/c he knew she wouldn't make it?

5.  Where did Desmond go on the plane?

6. Is Sayid Jacob now?

7.  What's up with the protective ash?

8. Who's the kung-fu looking guy at the temple? 

9.  So, every time we saw Christian, was he actually Jacob or the monster guy?

10. Where's Christian's body?

Okay, it felt good to get those off my chest.  Now I'll have some extra space in my brain to think about important things, like where the Jersey Shore cast should tape their next season.  (Just kidding, I don't watch that show...*cough*)


Melissa Hoffman said...

I have no answers question 4-10 were also big ones I had!!! I am such a LOST nerd. I am just expecting to be confused... That's how the show keeps me coming back for more! :)

CJR said...

I do think that the Monster was in Christians body doing bad things and trying to find the loop hole. I think he then knew that he could get back in Locke b/c Locke was re-creating Christian's body on the plane? Also Locke was key b/c he was connected to the island/others and he knew Locke would get to see Jacob. Yes, I think Jacob is in Sayid now. The gray ash/dust circles I saw in a horror movie once, it was used to keep out the evil spirits... As for the rest of it ABSOLUTELY.NO.CLUE.

rachel said...

I just have one thing to say:


I only watched the first season, and that's really the main thing that sticks with me. That guy screaming WALT all the time.

In fairness, the first season rocked (despite my nightmares involving Ben's creepy, beady blue eyes).