Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You'll Lose Your Blues in Chicago

I think Chicago is probably one of my favorite places.  Granted, I haven't been anywhere, but I love Chicago.  This past weekend my mom, sister and I traveled to Chicago for a couple days to celebrate my and Carrie's birthdays.  Most of you won't care about these pictures, but I wanted to post them for Carrie and my mom to see.  We had a fun time shopping, gaining back all the weight I've lost and laughing.  Here's our weekend in pictures for you visual learners.

Waiting for our train

On our way

 Amalfi Hotel (awesome)

 Eating at Giordano's

Shopping on State St.

 Carrie near the old water tower on Michigan Ave.

Sweet bliss

Fun to come home to

Post Script: We also saw Shutter Island while we were there.  It was my first Martin Scorsese film.  But I have to say, I really liked it.  I should caution you that there is this one scene where you see some prisoners/patients in the buff (the frontal buff).  Also, Mark Ruffalo is in it and I think he's great.  

Post Post Script: Did you know that the sales tax in Chicago is 10%?  I'm sure you did, but WHAT?  That's a crime.  
Post Post Post Script: If you value your brain, do not see Couples Retreat.  We watched it one night in the hotel room, and by the time it ended, I couldn't remember my fact families--that's how much of my brain was damaged by watching such a stupid movie. 


rachel said...

first - i love that you wrote out "post script" (et al.),

second - TAKE HEED all of you out there who write "PSS" - there is no such thing as a post script script!

third - that pic of eli is darling :)

fourth - i miss you! seriously - march will be insane, but can we please get together this spring?

Jeanette said...

I was just thinking, I need to head to Ann Arbor to pick up a couple things. What are you doing (the rest of your life), I mean the next couple weekends? We can even do weeknights or afternoons.

I miss you. It's a fact.

Jeanette said...
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rachel said...

this weekend is out... next saturday (the 6th) could be a possibility if my cousin hasn't had her baby. i'll be in touch.