Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play that Funky Music

I decided to post yet another list of musical delights. These are songs that have monopolized the air ways (is it ways or waves?) in the Element and the Parker apartment. Am I a bad mother for trying to instill some musical taste in her son other than Baby Einstein. They're not bad songs that will lead him to become ICP's roadie. Don't worry, we still listen to Baby Einstein and Jungle Jam. I digress...

These are some mellifluous melodies that will be sure to dazzle the ears...and SOUL (read "soul" as spoken by Andre the Giant in Princess Bride).

1. Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie - I was introduced to this guy's music via a YouTube video of the song by the same name. AMAZING (thanks Anna!). He reminds me of Amos Lee crossed with AWESOME. His music has a classic feel to it. I've listened to this song 5 gazillion times and have not tired of it yet.

2.Wonderwall - Ryan Adams- I love the original as it takes me back to my freshman year of high school (Oasis was the first non-Christian c.d. I purchased). This is an amazing cover...I would describe it as chilling. I know the song has been out a while, but I've just discovered it's awesomeness.

3. All the Wild Horses - Ray LaMontagne - I'm slightly obsessed with this guy's music right now. I love his scratchy vocals and acoustic sound. His music kind of reminds me of some of Van Morrison's music. This song has a sweet string melody. This song is not from his most current c.d., but it's still a download must.

4. Trouble - Ray LaMontagne--See, I told you and there's another one coming. Again, this song is not from his most current c.d., but wow, it's a keeper. This has a definite soul sound to it.

5. You are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne--This is the current from his latest c.d. and I think he played it on SNL when he was on. This is just a fun song and it kind of reminds me of the musical stylings of Mr. Al Green.

6. 15 Steps - Radiohead -- I bought In Rainbows when it came out and instantly loved this song. Does the fact that it plays at the end of Twilight make me love it even more? Maybe...but it's just a cool song complete with all the idiosyncrasy we all know and love from Radiohead.

7. The Dress Looks Nice On You - Sufjan Stevens -- This is from an older Sufjan album (Seven Swans), but I like the guitar and Sufjan's vocals on the song. Plus no music list is complete without Sufjan. Please.

8. Dream - Priscilla Ahn -- I may have put this on a previous list, but it's still so magical. I sing this song to Eli when I'm rocking him to sleep. It has a sweet melody and enchanting lyrics.

9. Ruby Rises - Oren Lavie -- Another one from Mr. Lavie. For some reason this song reminds me of The Beatles -- not sure anyone would agree with me on that, but maybe it connects to some happy subconscious memory I have of listening to The Beatles in the family mini-van on the way to Lake Tahoe when I was younger.

10. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine -- Iron and Wine has been a favorite of mine for a couple years. Okay, okay I admit, this song is from Twilight, but that does not detract from its melodic stylings. I feel like I should be wearing a poodle skirt and dancing with my guy to this song. It has a definite doowop sound to it.

11. Proof- Coldplay -- My sister introduced me to this single. It has the whiny Chris Martin vocals that I love. It kind of reminds me of "Fix You", but I like it more.

The End...must attend to hungry child.



Stephanie said...

I LOVE Ray LaMontagne! Good choice! I sing "You are the best" to Grant (in my horrible singing voice). I am also a Coldplay fan so I just checked out Proof.

rachel said...

I love the "Her Morning Elegance" music video! So cute. Great list.

hashifa vachoo said...

Me likey! I listened to a couple I didn't know and it sounds like they rule too. James and I got to see Ryan Adams last year and it was super cool.