Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ode to an Italian Husband

So, my 100th post was a waste. I didn't even know it was my 100th; I knew I was getting close, but boo. Needless to say I spent it on whining (of course). So, since I don't count that post, I'm making up for it with an ode to my husband. Don't be fooled by the poetic title. This post has nothing poetic about it. No rhyme scheme, no figurative language, or vivid imagery. I wrote this in my head as Ben and I were driving back from his parents this weekend. It's just a random collection of things that I love about the man I married.

1. He loves Jesus.
2. He rolls his eyes when I give him a compliment (that's how I know he appreciates the compliment).
3. He gets moody when he's hungry (just like me).
4. He's smart with money (unlike me).
5. He looks good just about every second of the day (even when he wakes up in the morning).
6. He looks really good when he is scruffy.
7. His laugh makes me laugh.
8. I still get butterflies when he holds my hand.
9. He rolls his eyes when I start singing in the car.
10. He plays the air drums, guitar, trombone when we're listening to the radio in the car.
11. He's got the most gorgeous brown eyes.
12. He could eat McDonald's for every meal.
13. He indulges my somewhat obsessive love for pizza.
14. He's one of the most altruistic people I know.
15. He's protective (but not in a after-school movie kind of way).
16. He's musically inclined.
17. He's not afraid to try new things (a trait I'm trying to learn).
18. He likes to fix things around the house.
19. He makes me laugh.
20. He is wonderful with kids.
21. He encourages me.
22. He makes me accountable.
23. He loves Chinese food.
24. He's been great with me during my pregnancy (except when he rolled his eyes when I told him I had to stop to go to the bathroom again on the way up to his parents :)).
25. He gets excited when he buys new toys.
26. He gets excited when he gets new clothes.
27. He gets excited about the little things (like buying Electrasol tabs for our dishwasher or a new toothbrush).
28. Whenever he has a headache, he asks me to feel his head to see if he has a fever (which he never does).
29. He's level headed
30. He has one of the best work ethics.
31. He wants to be friends with Doug Heffernan and Barney Fife.
32. He loves Saturday Night Live.
33. He's a firefighter.
34. He's an avid Tiger's fan.
35. He looks good in jeans.
36. He couldn't stop talking about preparing for our son (when we found out we were having a son).
37. He loves hanging out with his dad.
38. He's the best son, grandson, brother.
39. He loves looking for new cars.
40. He's a great driver.
41. He held my hair when I threw up during my pregnancy.
42. He tells me I look pretty right now (even though I don't feel pretty).
43. He has movie star eyelashes
44. He's very smart (even though he doesn't think so).
45. He thinks outside the box.
46. He becomes giddy when he hears sirens.
47. He bought a stuffed dog (like one he had when he was little) when we found out we were pregnant.
48. He owns 8 million gagillion hats.
49. He has really straight teeth.
50. I never question that he loves me.


Megan said...


Your husband sounds pretty awesome! I especially like the food-related reasons.


Anonymous said...

i only counted 92 posts..

rachel said...

Very cute post!
I actually just thought of Ben the other day, when my family was talking about how this guy who worked at the fire department got arrested for arson... I thought, "Uh oh, I'd better tell Jeanette to keep an eye on Ben!"