Monday, October 13, 2008


Just some random randomness (I'm an English teacher; I have license to make up words and sell them as truth...kind of like a politician).

-Went to the dentist, no cavities. But, while I had the nicest dental hygienist, the question remains--Why do they ask you questions when they have that torture device in your mouth (you know the one used to scrape off accumulated pizza and jujyfruits)? I'm sure they get bored. I would just listen to my Ipod, but I guess that takes away from customer service.

-We were at the SAU Homecoming game the other night. I was standing for the National Anthem when little Karate Kid here starts marching to the beat in-utero. What a patriotic little man.

-Had a dream the other night that I was feeding baby (after his exit from womb) and he looked at me and asked, "Can I have a hot dog?" I just remember thinking in the dream, my kid is a genius and sounds a little like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

That's all.

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rachel said...

Your baby is HOT. And I mean that in the most platonic, non-pedophiliac sense.
SICK. Definitely crossed the line on that one.

I love the imagery of Marlon Brando, marching inside your womb to the National Anthem, whilst waving a flag in one hand and chowing down on a hotdog in the other. Your poor uterus.