Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Name is Jeanette, and I'm Good at Watching TV on DVD

I love that I have friends who use their time constructively (usually to the advancement of the human race). I have friends who make apple pies for their students. I have friends who work very hard at being some of the most amazing parents. These people inspire me for many reasons, one being that they possess creative faculties.

I, on the other hand, am currently in the process of searching for a creative muse. I don't cook because I hate cleaning up the mess (oh, and I'm not very good at it). I don't sew because I've never tried. I don't paint because that would be wrong. I don't garden because I don't know what I'm doing. I don't make curtains (or clothes or makes clothes out of curtains a la Maria VonTrapp). I like photography but feel stupid doing it, because we all know I'm not artsy. When people ask what I do, I usually give them a blank expression and frantically search my cranial archives for any thing creative I might have done in the past. I usually end up saying that I like to read. Nerds of America unite. I used to tell people that I like to run and rollerblade (prior to my "condition"), but that doesn't really involve much talent.

I began thinking about what I'm good at; what do I like to do. And it dawned on me that I don't do these creative things b/c I'm addicted to T.V.--namely, TV on DVD. I don't know what modern Einstein thought of this, but it is my contention that he/she needs to be knighted. I mean a whole season right there for my viewing pleasure. No commercials, no cliff-hangers, just hours of TV viewing enjoyment. It's amazing! I recently purchased Felicity, Freshman year on DVD. I used to love watching this show in high school and college. The other day, I saw it super on sale on Amazon, so I decided to indulge my love for TV and purchase it, knowing that my weekend would be consumed by watching the entire season, breaking only to go to the bathroom and order a pizza.

When I'm not watching Felicty, it's Gilmore Girls or Friends or the Office. My husband jokes (laments) that whenever he turns on the TV it's always set to Video1 (the setting for watching DVDs). Honestly, I think I might have a problem. I should be making cakes and pies and other various baked goods. I should learn to play the guitar or sew. I should be outside doing something with a shovel or hammer (preferably something constructive). But I don't do these things. I plop my lazy butt down in front of our beautiful TV and contribute nothing to society.

So, I could write that I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm heading to JoAnn's tomorrow to pick up my "Knitting for Dummies" starter kit. I'm going to invoke my inner-Rachel Ray and start baking up a storm. But, let's be honest...I'm currently busy growing a child and grading an endless mound of papers. I think that my relationship with the DVD industry is safe (for now).


rachel said...

LOL. I love you. Let's be honest - if I had a human growing inside me, I'd be doing nothing but watching the Office, Arrested Development (PLEASE rent this on dvd if you haven't seen it yet), and 30 Rock.

Sara Luke said...

I share the tv watching skill. If only I could get paid for it . . .

So here's what has been on my mind lately . . . there are a lot of things I'm good at. But there's nothing that I'm REALLY good at. Like, I'm good at taking pictures . . . but not REALLY good at it. I'm a great mom . . . but not like one of those moms who never watches the new 90210 in front of her child (hmmm . . . maybe that was too much information). I design things well . . . but not so well that I could get hired to do it anywhere. I just want to find the one thing that I'm REALLY good at and concentrate on that.

Which is what I think you've done with teaching. Oh, and you have an amazing voice too. That's two things. And I guess the TV thing makes three . . .

Anyway, I guess I could find that for me. Do you ever wonder if there's something that you'd be really good at, but you'll never know because you never had an opportunity to try?