Thursday, December 6, 2007

Loo loo loooo loo looooo...Christmas time is here

Things I love about Christmas time:

1. The holiday's namesake

2. Charlie Brown Christmas music

3. Christmas music in general

4. The movie Elf (I love you, I love you, I looove you)

5. The movie Christmas Vacation (Grace died 30 years ago)

6. An increased spirit of giving (I am so impressed with students at WCA)

7. Dean Martin and Bing Crosby

8. Hot Chocolate

9. Vacation

10. Christmas decorations

11. Christmas lights

12. Candy canes

13. Peppermint Mocha

14. Shopping with my mom

15. Wrapping presents whilst watching Christmas movies

16. Egg nog

17.Mariah Carey's, "All I Want for Christmas is You" (shout out to Heather Snider)

18. The Christmas section in Target

19. Snow (only at Christmas time, though)

20. Santa Claus


rachel said...

another excellent post, with which my heart resonates.
except you keep forgetting aaron neville. temporary memory loss?

heather.snider said...

haha...thanks for the shout out!! I am actually listening to Charlie Brown's Christmas right now, I just watched elf last night, and the Mariah Carrey song is my ringtone. Wanna be friends? :)