Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We want you back.

Whenever your self-esteem needs a boost all you must simply do is cancel a magazine subscription and wait for the ego-boosting emails. I decided not to renew my InStyle magazine subscription for several reasons: a. we needed to cut out any unnecessary spending b. i found myself coveting thy neighbor (and by neighbor I mean celebrities who will never be my neighbor, unless Brangelina decides to be goodwill ambassadors to Free Methodist College students.) c. those magazines are heavy--they are hard to lug back and forth to the bathroom. Ever since I cancelled said subscription, I will get these emails with the subject line: We want you back. I am perfectly aware that it is an email that thousands receive in their inboxes as well, but for a split second, I revel in the faux sincerity demonstrated by the good people at InStyle Magazine.

Ego-boosting aside, though, they're starting to appear desperate. I mean I cancelled this subscription a year ago, and am still receiving regular requests. I feel like it's the ex-boyfriend who can't take the hint. I don't return their correspondence, I've thrown away (I mean ummm....recycled) every one of the magazines they ever sent me. Come on's not going to happen. Facts are facts. It's over.

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rachel said...

You are so funny. I'm glad we're friends.