Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fact: Fall television season is fast approaching

I love summer for a plethora of reasons which I will not go into right now. The only negative tidings summer brings with it, however, is bad television. Around May good television goes into hibernation mode or "hiatus" if you will, and I, the loyal television viewer, am left feeling abandoned, let down, lost without my LOST. Sure, networks try to debut a new gameshow or funny t.v. show, but these attempts are futile and in vain.
With the dawning of a new school year, though, television makes its comeback. It's comparable to the feeling one has on Christmas morning: feelings of anticipation, surprise, wonderment. Will Pam and Jim finally end up together? Will Michael have ditched Jan? Are Meredith and Dr. McDreamy going to make it? Are those Lost guys really found? Is there going to be yet another prison break? Questions that have been festering all summer will be revealed. Just like Christmas you get the "Sweet an Ipod" storylines and you will get the "oh wow, a balloon animal kit" storylines. Some are great some are disapointing, but you know they have all season to make it up to you. There's also the "wow, I didn't even ask for this $100 giftcard to J.Crew" shows. (I hope the Christmas analogy is apparent, otherwise this is going to be a very weird post) The new, unexpected hit shows are just as enticing as the old staples. One can't help but look forward to "Chuck" or....ummm that show with Kelsey Grammar.
Thank you Fall television for making our t.v. viewing more delightful. Thank you.

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rachel said...

Okay, I hate to say it, but I have a bad feeling that Jim & Karen aren't officially broken up yet, and he's still going to hem and haw for at least half the season. I know - I am such a party-pooping pessimist right now! But that's just this sinking feeling I've got.
It was awesome seeing you tonight! Hope to see you again soon. :)