Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Little Piggy Went to Therapy??

The other day, whilst Eli and I were patronizing our local Taco Bell, Eli befriended a little girl in line with us. As I was admiring the hospitable nature of my child, I looked down at the little girl's bare...BARE!!! feet...(on the gross Taco Bell ground) and noticed she had six toes on one foot.  She had five on one foot and six on the other for a grand total of eleven toes.   After I quickly recited a line from The Princess Bride in my head, I began to wonder about Eli's little eleven toed friend.

How does she find shoes that fit?  Is that why she's not wearing shoes? How do her parents modify the "This Little Piggy" game?  Does the actual pinky toe have pinky toe envy?  Why is she NOT WEARING SHOES WHILST WALKING ON THE TACO BELL GROUND?  She will have a great 3 lies and 1 truth bit for youth group.  Could she have it removed if she wanted?  Or is it integral to her balance?

That's all I got for you, Internet.

Also, I was in the mood for pumpkin bread when I selected the latest color layout for my blog.  That's why.


rachel said...

amazing. absolutely amazing.

sara luke said...

Don't judge me, but I likely would have tried to snap a picture with my phone.

CJR said...

Speaking of shoes... are those the black converse from Target I see on Eli? If so Rece has the same ones! lol. Fabulous pic by the way.