Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Playlist

Posting what I'm listening to may at first strike you as self-absorbed, and perhaps you would be right.  But, my intentions are purely altruistic, which is 60% true every time. That being said, I do like to post what I'm listening to every once in a decade for several reasons:

1. I have written down proof for my future teenage child that his mother actually listened to somewhat cool music (those of you who think my music is not cool can go tell your mom).

2. Perhaps it will inspire you to add new melodies to your library (and by you, I mean my sister).

3. I like to look back at previous posted playlists and reminisce. 

4. I enjoy reading your playlists (and by your, I mean Rachel -- who is not self-absorbed at all--little disclaimer there). 

The following are songs are from my "Fall Playlist".  And yes I do have seasonal playlists.  I feel each season warrants its own music. 

1. Go Do - Jonsi : for those of you who like Sigur Ros, you will love Jonsi...because it is the lead singer of Sigur Ros.  It is an upbeat, ethereal tune.

2. Tornado - Jonsi: for those who like the slow jams...this is a more somber selection...still musical bliss, though.

3. Staralfur - Sigur Ros - Listening to Jonsi compelled me to visit one of my Sigur Ros favorites.  If you're not into Icelandic music...move along.

4. Concerning the UFO Sighting... - Sufjan Stevens - Every playlist I create will have a song from this eclectic musician.  The Illinois album is my favorite, and this song (off said album) epitomizes fall for me.

5. ...And As The Ship Went Down...-Woodpigeon - This band reminds me of my good friend, Sufjan.  The sound is very eclectic.  Bonus: They're from Canada. 

6. Beg, Steal or Borrow - Ray LaMontagne - This one is off of his latest album.  I'm not sure I have a favorite Ray LaMontagne song because they are all amazing.

7.  Curs in the Weeds - Horse Feathers - I likes me some strings in my music and this band has it.  The lead singer's voice has a lazy, slightly raspy feel to it.  Perfect for rainy days. 

8.  Finch on Saturday - Horse Feathers - see above.

9.  Yellow - Jem - This is a fantastic cover of Coldplay's song.  It has a lullaby quality to it.  (Thanks, Rachel!)

10. Take On Me - A.C. Newman - Brilliant.  I love the A-Ha song...I love this one even more.

11. Videotape - Radiohead - Autumn driving is not complete without Radiohead.  Gotta admit, kind of a downer, but surreal Radiohead, nonetheless.

12. Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens - see above.

13. I Found a Reason - Cat Power - Cover of a Velvet Underground song. 

14. Mandi Mapes - I Already Know - inspired by the book of Ruth.  Unassuming acoustic melody that I cannot get enough of.  (Her voice kind of reminds me of Priscilla Ahn's.)

Go. Listen. 


Debbie Luke said...

A playlist without a single Jay Z song? I don't know if I should be sad or proud.

rachel said...

I'm going to second Debbie's comment, except leave out the proud part. :)

But seriously - - have you been hacking my computer & stealing my heart? I mean playlists?

We are soul sistas (gotta get that dough, sistas! what up, moulin rouge?!) FO SHO.

I totally do seasonal playlists, and nearly all the songs you listed are like a sweet, sultry balm to my ear's soul.

Also, I'm binging on chocolate right now, so I'm not sure if any of this makes sense.

Bottom line: I love you.

Amy said...

I found your blog via Sara and Debbie Luke...I'm their cousin. And, I just needed to tell you that this playlist is amazing. You made my night tonight. And many nights to come...
Thank you :)