Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Post Wherein I Plagiarize Rachel Parton's Blog

 Lately I've been...

Plagiarizing: Rachel Parton's ideas...can you blame me?  Check this gal out.

Excited About: Hanging up pictures in our apt...naked walls are unsettling.

Not Looking Forward To: Hanging up pictures in our apt

Procrastinating: Unpacking Ben's box o' sweatshirts.

Thinking: What's so great about Mad Men and Breaking Bad, Emmy Academy?  Huh?

Reading: Sense and Sensibility and, starting tomorrow,  The Help

Cooking Eating: Subway's buffalo chicken sandwich...well done, Jared, well done.

Watching: The Emmys
TiVoing: Public Access television (what, TiVo?)

Listening To: Woodpigeon and Barbara Streisand

Missing: the buffalo chicken sandwich I ate earlier...

Laughing At With: Heather Wikler...I just talked with her on the phone. 

Wishing: I wouldn't have watched Confessions of a Shopaholic last night.  Be ye not so careless with your Netflix queue.
Also, that Sara Luke and I can be reunited sometime this week. 

Dreading: Getting 3 cavities filled on Tuesday.
Being Adventurous: ...and cutting my own bangs.

You may now rest easy, Internet.  You're caught up on the life and times of Jeanette Parker. 


Melissa Hoffman said...

that is VERY adventurous to cut your own bangs! Gooood luck with that one. I like being caught up :0)

rachel said...

i could have sworn i commented on this blog post... weird. i'm flattered that you used my quick n' easy update! :) i miss you & want to see you soooooon.