Monday, August 23, 2010

I Likes Me Some...

In my latest Eli post I neglected to highlight his recent likes.  These are more precious than silver to not write down, so here's a bulleted list for all you type Aers.
  • Hugging.  Eli has always been an affectionate child, but he has stepped it up.  Any time he sees children, he squeals with delight and runs over to welcome them to his hugging them.  Tonight at Cottage Inn, these two little boys walked in with their dad.  Eli's kid radar immediately started going berserk.  He ran over to them after clawing his way out of our booth, leaving none alive, and started laughing, like they had just quoted a line from 30 Rock.  Then he followed them to their table and started hugging them.  First the older one, then the younger one (who returned his hug).  Then was inconsolable the rest of our time there, when I insisted he stay at our table and let his new found BFFs eat their dinner.
  • (Not a new one, but warrants mentioning) Tractors/Trucks.  He is so in love with tractors and/or trucks, he is able to identify one, just by hearing it.  
  • Elephants.  He loves pictures of them, seeing them on t.v., the one that came with the building we're living in now.  Okay, so that's the only thing this building does not come equipped with (dp).  
  • Fire trucks (this deserves a bullet aside from the truck bullet).  He sees one and will make a siren sound.  If we even walk by the fire station and don't go see the trucks, he has a melt's so sweet to see a writhing child on the side of M-60.  I mean, it's just beautiful. I think that's it...I can't think of anything else...ahem (Pringles).  What?  Who wrote that?

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rachel said...

elephants & pringles?! i knew i liked your kid.