Sunday, June 27, 2010

And I Ran...I Ran So Far Away

I ran my first 5k since the birth of my child yesterday (I know there's a misplaced modifier in this sentence, but I'm not really sure how to reword it to make sense -- mind you, I didn't have my first child yesterday -- I ran a 5k yesterday).  I ran it with my-way-more-in-shape-than-me sister, who was a saint and stayed with me the whole race, even when I stopped for a second to choke down my breakfast which tried making a second appearance around the 2-mile mark. 

I'm not proud of the race.  I finished under 30 minutes (which was my goal--actually my goal was not to die, but 2 for 2 is good for me), but I ran the course a whole minute faster when I did a test run last week. It just wasn't a good running day for me.  I think my final shame came when I was passed by a speed walker....A SPEED WALKER!!!!  Classic speed walker, too -- with the hips moving, arms swinging ready for take off. 

Oh well...I'll just have to run another one so I can prove to myself that I can in fact beat a speed walker. 

Here are some pics for your enjoyment. 

My cheering section


rachel said...

yay! glad to hear the race went well! i'm proud of you. also, your son is so adorable. love that little tigers hat.

ann said...

That's awesome. I was proud of myself when I finished a 5K as a speed walker ahead of my boss's mom. Oh, by the way, the only thing you had to do to fix your modifier problem was to move the word "yesterday" to the beginning of the sentence. I'm not telling you because I'm a grammar nazi, but because I know you'll appreciate it. :)