Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My friend Sara mentioned to me that she has some stay-at-home mom friends who get together every other Friday at a different person's house (a person within the group, not just some random stranger, although that would spice up my day-to-day routine), and let their kids play together while the moms eat and talk. My syntax skills are somewhat limited right now due to my minimal amount of sleep, so let me break it down bullet style:
  • group of stay-at-home or part time moms
  • getting together every other Friday (or every Friday--I can't remember)
  • go to a different person's house each time
  • eat and talk whilst children play
  • solve the world's problems
All this to say--is there anyone interested in getting this going? I think Sara is on board, and then there's me, so if my math skills are correct, that's two. Anyone else? Anyone? We're least Sara is. Think it over, let me know.

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Sara Luke said...

Aw that's nice that you call me fun. And funny that if anyone clicks the link to my blog the first post is about decorating using a time out chair.

What's not fun about that?