Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eli kicking it (5/6 month edition)

My mother, referencing a Seinfeld episode, said that this summer has been the "Summer of Mary" (that's her name). For us, this has been the summer of Eli. You have changed in so many ways and have learned so many new things; I don't think I would recognize May Eli. So, so many changes. Looking back at everything makes me want to take a nap...ahhh naps.

This summer you have met new people and made new friends. I've tried introducing you to different babies in hopes that you won't be a recluse who speaks Klingon and plays Second Life for hours on end. You seem to like these new friends you've made. They've all been a little older than you, so you kind of just watch as they walk or crawl around. But, so far, you don't seem to be a misanthrope.

One of our biggest events this summer was our train ride to California--the one that caused mommy to breath into a paper bag leading up to it. You were amazing! You were the Robert Goulet of the train--the starring act. All the elderly women loved you; I even think I heard one of them working you into her will. You were never annoyingly fussy. You just went with the flow.

We stayed with your Great-Grandpa Rick...who is one of your biggest fans. You guys laughed and played together. He really does love you and I'm so glad for every opportunity you get to hang out with him. Not only did you get to hang out with your Great Grandpa, but you met your Great Uncle Sal and Aunt Dolores and your Great Aunt Linda. Needless to say, they all loved you.

As far as changes, they have been plenty. I told myself I would never be one of those moms who droned on and on about how advanced her child was. I guess for two reasons: 1. I didn't want to have to punch myself in the face to stop all the annoyingness and 2. I don't want you ever to feel like you have to live up to ulcer-inducing expectations. Do you understand my never-ceasing praise about you to others, probably not (although there was that time you rolled your eyes at me). But, I don't want to start that trend. Others probably think I'm being ridiculous. Oh well. Anyway...the changes. Well, you roll over and over and over as if your trying to level the carpet. You can nearly sit on your own. We had an unfortunate incident in which you were sitting, and I looked away for a second (probably to see what hijinks those Full House folks were up to) and you fell...hard...on the side of your head. I immediately called every person I know in the medical field to inquire how to deduce if you had a concussion. I watched you like a hawk, measured your breathing patterns, etc. You were fine.

You are also starting to crawl. Mothers lock up your daughters, because here comes my son. You do this army crawl which is very cute, but has me concerned about rug burns. You try to get up on your knees, but you end up in a pose very similar to 'downward dog'. You are so mobile and hate staying still. Changing you on your changing table has become very challenging as you seem to want to add base jumping to your repertoire of movements. We've also started feeding you rice cereal. Your first couple experiences with it were unsuccessful. You looked like we were feeding you regurgitated worms, but you love LOVE it now. You also love sucking your toes right after I've fed you a's slightly weird. I think it just means we need to buy you a high chair instead of feeding you in the Bumbo.

You're completely fascinated by water. I took you swimming at Gma and Gpa Rick's house and you took to it like a fish. Even your baths are fun for you now. We've taken you up to Gma and Gpa Parker's house a couple times where you have been able to put your feet in Lake Huron. Sometimes I'll turn on the faucet and have you put your hands under it; you can't get enough of it. I think your love of water and being outside go hand in hand. Any time you're fussy and we can't get you to calm down, we just have to take you outside and you're fine.

Your little personality is becoming more and more apparent. You love to laugh, and you have such a cute laugh. I love it. I think you are strong willed, but I don't know if you're dad would agree with me. You seem to know how to manipulate us. You have this fake cry you have started using when you would like us to pick you up or move you. It's awesome. You also have realized how to cough. Not that you haven't coughed before, but now you make yourself cough. I think you have your father wrapped around your little finger, too, and you know it.

You're changing so quickly. I just want to bottle up these moments so that I can experience them time and time again. It's hard to believe that you're half way to your first birthday. Over the last couple months, I've found myself getting frustrated with you, especially since you've stopped sleeping through the night. I get so upset with myself for feeling this way, because I know you can't help it. I know that I will be frustrated with you many more times throughout your life, but I can't help but chastise myself for feeling that way right now. I don't want you to ever feel that my love for you is anything less than unconditional. Even though I get frustrated with you, my love for you will never change. I still just stare at you while you're sleeping and well up. I pray every night over you that the Lord will keep you safe and help you to become an upright, Godly man. I also pray that the Lord will help me be the best mother for you. I don't want you to ever question your mom and dad's love for you. You make it so easy to love you!

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