Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Dialogue Between Winter and Spring

Presenting: A Dialogue Between Winter and Spring
(as imagined by me)

Spring: Okay, I'm here...give me a rundown. What am I looking at?

Winter: Oh, here she is...the one they love...Miss Priss...well, I'm not done BACK OFF!!

Spring: Winter, we go through this every year. You've got to let go. Can't you see how miserable they are.

Winter: Ungrateful little..."Oh, Winter, we love you until Christmas" and then it's like, "okay that's enough" Where's the love?

Spring: I know...I know...but you've got to move's time. It could be could be Summer. I still don't think they've forgiven him for Hurricane Katrina.

Winter: Whatever. Think they can wish me away that easily...well, I'll show them...I'm going out with a bang.

Spring: *sigh* Here we go...every's the same with you.

Winter: And every year I love how much it makes them miserable.

Spring: Fine, have at know I'm going to get so much crap for this.

Winter: Okay...see you next year...SUCKAS!!!

...aaaannd SCENE.


rachel said...

love it. doug says, "i think that's funny."

heather.snider said...

how cute are you! and please say Suckas more often. It's my new thing...Spread it!

Jodi Harris said...

SO then I probably shouldn't tell you that Monday I was at the beach laying out...and I got a pesky sunburn...which has now turned to tan...?! ahhh...LA...