Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

If you haven't seen 13 Going on 30,  a.) why not? and b.) that's where I got the title for my post.  If you have been living in a cave for the last couple months then you may not know that this Friday marks the 30th anniversary of my entrance into this world. Also known as my 20-10 birthday.  So, I don't think I'm flirty anymore, or ever was, and the word thriving makes me think of Eli as a young baby.  "Is he thriving?"  Totally freaked me out when I would read that.  I don't he?  Dear God, IS HE???!!


I've thought about what sage words I wanted to share with my fan (hey, Rachel).  How can I perfectly capture the past decade? I wanted to bid my 20s adieu with some style.  And what says style more than (bddddddddddd--that's my drumroll) -- a TOP 10 LIST FROM MY 20s!!! (3 exclamation points totally warranted). I've decided to recap the 10 most memorable moments from the past ten years of my life. Narrowing it down to 10 was tricky...because, let's face it, I'm awesome.  But, narrow it I did. 

I'm going to post three a know...because...I don't know...stop with the interrogation...geez.

We'll start with 10 and work our way down (not sure why I'm using the pronouns we/our...maybe it's my 30 year old brain losing its way).

10. Broadway Bound: I likes me some musical theater.  I have a playlist on my IPod entitled: Broadway Beats.  Also, I love to sing dramatically, which I know may shock you because I am not a very dramatic person (somewhere my mother is rolling her eyes).  I am totally an eyes-closed singer, which makes singing while I drive an interesting adventure.  In my early twenties I got to be a part of two amazing musical theater productions: The Mikado and Into the Woods.
The Mikado was my first (and, sadly, only) foray into community theater.  My super awesome, super flamboyant voice instructor got me to audition, and I am so glad he did.  I got to meet and work with some very talented, very gracious, very awesome people.  Also, the name of my character: Yum-Yum.  Oh, and I played a Geisha.  Oh, Gilber and crazy guys.
Into the Woods was put on by Spring Arbor University and directed by my very awesome, very flamboyant voice instructor.  There's something about being part of a theater ensemble.  You bond very quickly with people you may have otherwise never developed friendships.  Everyone in that cast was incredible, and, to pepper some Swayze on this, I had the time of my life. 

9. From Lowell with Love: My most cherished college memories include some of the most incredible women I will ever know.  I lived in Lowell Hall my first three years of college and then a house my senior year with these incredible women.  I knew I could count on these girls for anything.  They saw me at my worst (and believe me, I was pretty self-absorbed in college. Not like now...writing on my blog...about me.  *cough*cough*) and experienced my best with me.  Since college, we've all scattered (not me so much, but everyone else).  I think about them often. 
8. London Calling: The summer between my junior and senior year I had the opportunity to travel to the UK.  For a literary nerd like myself, visiting the stomping grounds of some of my favorites was sublime: Austen, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Dickens, Byron, Rowling (no, I am not comparing JK Rowling with Tolkien, but have you read Harry Potter?  Come on.)  Also, I got to travel with one of my best friends from college and hilarity abounded.  Cristin and I were very different in our approach to travel.   She was very organized,  I was very not.  She studied maps for our next day's adventures meticulously every night, I watched trashy British television.  She looked fabulous after five hour train rides, I looked like a hot mess.  It was a little tense sometimes, but it was hilarious the whole time.  It was the most incredible trip, even if I didn't get to see Nessie.

 At London Tower

Here's a preview for tomorrow: Puerrrto Rrrrrico, I believe the children are our future aaaannnd...


Lacey said...

I can't wait to read the rest! I loved the Mikado. I really hope your time at the White Library makes it onto your list. How could that not be ranked right up there with Ben and Eli?

Melissa Hoffman said...

Happy Happy 30th! Love the post!