Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guest Starring Matt Lauer

Last night played host to the weirdest dreams I can recall in a while.  I can't think of anything weird I ate or any illicit drugs I consumed to beget such random, Inception style dreams.  I wrote down the weirdest one out of the bunch just because it was so funny at star-studded.  That's right, I wrote it down.  To share with you.  So here is my warped dream:

I was interning at News 10 (you know, home of Darrin ROCK-c.o.l.e.), and I was working with the production team.  During a newscast, I was standing next to the cameraman when he suddenly fainted.  David Andrews told me to get my act in gear and run the camera.  Not wanting to disappoint such an acclaimed newscaster, I quickly got behind the camera...except it was too heavy and so it kept dropping down or going off to the side.  All of the sudden Matt Lauer was reporting alongside David Andrews, as was Rachel McAdams.  They were all yelling at me to follow them with the camera because A.C. Slater was saving someone from the ocean outside the studio (not Mario Lopez, A.C. Slater).  I was running, but I couldn't keep up because the camera was too heavy.  We got outside (at the beach) just as A.C. and Kelly Kapowski were running into the waves.  But then we were all talking outside of the studio (no more Saved By the Bell cameos).  Matt Lauer was trying to give me a pep talk about working with the camera and that tomorrow would be better.  Then, Sue Sylvester (the producer of News 10) came out to yell at me for screwing up the news.

The end. 

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rachel said...

holy crap! sue sylvester was in my dream the other night! i was riding a bus, and she asked the guy in front of me what it was like to be gay, then said, "oh, my bad, you're not gay, you're just in college." zing!

further proof that we are soulmates.

um, and they just gave a shout out to matt lauer in the middle of the dallas-green bay game. what is going on?!

are we IN inception?!