Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Master's Class: Done

I am currently enrolled in Spring Arbor's MAE program.  Did you know that, Mom?  One of my three goals this year was to start my master's.  Check. (What are my other two goals?  I guess you'll have to come back and see...that's called a hook.)  Anyway, why did I choose Spring Arbor to get my master's?  Well, the reasons are two-fold:

1. I feel Spring Arbor has grown into a well-reputed school for degrees in education.  I did research on MAE programs at various state schools, and decided SAU could hold a candle to other schools.  (Eastern also has a great graduate program, as does Michigan State.)

2. I get a significant discount on master's classes at SAU since my husband has been an employee here for so long.

The later had significantly more pull than the former. 

So, my first class was actually a workshop that met every other weekend for the last two months.  The class covered a program based on Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory.
Now, I admit I'm a bit of a school geek.  I likes me some education.  So, I was pretty pumped to start classes again.  There were thirteen people in my class which made it so much more accessible and comfortable.  And the group I was placed in was made up of three other secondary teachers.  A huge bonus. (Don't get me wrong, elementary teachers, but we know there is something to be said for homogeneous teacher groups...secondary teachers are a different breed from elementary teachers.  We find words like 'duty' funny.) So, yeah the group I was in...was...AWESOME.

We all clicked phenomenally well.  I was able to glean a lot of useful tips and suggestions from these three amazing women and laugh my buttocks off every class meeting. These women have such generous spirits and a genuine love for their jobs.  Additionally, we all shared very similar beliefs about our classrooms and our role as teachers. 

My instructor was equally awesome (third awesome in this post, must buy a thesaurus).  She was very knowledgeable about the content, engaging, open to different ideas, and fun.  Also, she indulged us when we would giggle at the word 'duty'.

It was a great class, and it has set the bar pretty high as far as my expectations are concerned for future classes.  So, come on Spring Arbor, wow the socks off of me.  Challenge extended.

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