Monday, November 30, 2009

More Turkey, Mr. Chandler?

Yes, I am posting.  I am foregoing the dishes and sleep and watching Christmas Vacation to post about our Thanksgiving.  Contain your enthusiasm.  Last Thanksgiving I was pregnant, and I took full advantage of my elastic wasted pants.  I could also blame my unrelenting eating on the child growing inside me.  This Thanksgiving that child was enjoying his life outside the womb, and my pants had no give. 

We went to Ben's Aunt Pat's house for Thanksgiving Meal, Round 1.  It was a house full of 35 Italians (give or take).  There was  A LOT of food.  I held off (knowing that the Rick Thanksgiving would be next) and allowed my boys to get their fill.  Eli tried mashed potatoes and a roll.  He thoroughly enjoyed the latter.  We then cruised on over to Concord for Thanksgiving Meal, Round 2.  Smaller gathering, but so much fun!  Ben left from there to go down to Reading to hunt.  I stayed at my parents and tried to watch Star Trek (the movie), but was too busy keeping Eli away from electrical outlets and fireplaces to really get into it.

The next day, Ben called to say he "caught" a deer (okay, he didn't say "caught"... when we were first married, as he was leaving to go hunting, I shouted, "Be safe...I hope you catch a deer").  Ben shot a "spike".  I think that's what it's called.  So now we have meat a plenty.  Not going to complain about free ground beef.  We likes our beef here in the Parker house.

I invite you to take a pictorial stroll through our holiday.  (P.S. I just read this post...yawn)

Eli and Grandpa Parker

Thanksgiving with Ben's family

Mmmmm, mashed potatoes

Eli, Poppa and Lucy  

Eli and Aunt Carrie  

Ritz Crackers, just like the first Thanksgiving

Family Picture

 Standard Ben and Jeanette picture

A man and his deer (picture quality poor due to camera phone)


Chrystal said...

You crack me up! BTW, I did not yawn once while reading your post! :)

rachel said...

love the bangs!! super cute.
sweet family pic. :)

also - weird coincidence? we watched star trek on parton thanksgiving (sunday)...

Chass & Jeremy said...

How is your little guy sleeping?

Adam said...

Wish I could have been there. A 14 hour drive and 14 papers to grade made the logistics unworkable. Here's to making Thanksgiving a week-long holiday!

Jeanette said...

Chass, Eli is actually sleeping better. However, I'm not sure if I just feel that way b/c he's taking naps again. 2 naps really make a big difference in my day, as well as his.

Adam, we missed you! See you at Christmas!