Monday, June 29, 2009

Hodge Podge

Vacation, all I ever wanted...last week we went up to Cheboygan to visit Ben's parents. We had a great, relaxing time. Eli enjoyed visiting with his g-rents and his auntie Em as well as his first trip to Mackinaw City, and his mother finally learned the difference between Mackinaw and Mackinac.

This Wednesday we are traveling (via train) to California to visit my grandfather and my aunts and uncle. I'm excited to see family and have them see Eli, but I'm on the brink of an ulcer. I am such a control freak that it's hard for me to enjoy preparing for a trip where there are so many unknowns. Bonus: Eli is teething right now (see below) which adds an extra dosage of anxiety. Is Xanax compatible with breast milk? (kidding)

Teething and my gray hair...
I'm pretty sure Eli is teething based on several factors: he drools enough in a day to provide water for an olympic size pool, he constantly has his hand in his mouth in the same spot, his gums are swollen, and he is fussier than usual. I hate when he's in pain (as does my REM cycle). I hope this eases soon for him.

Uncle brother is in town this week all the way from Massachusetts. It's the first time he's met Eli. Eli has cried both times he's tried to hold him, but I'm pretty sure it's due to him teething (Eli, not Adam). Hooray for family!

Date night... Ben and I had a real date a few nights ago (long time coming). My parents watched Eli so we could get out together. We saw Year One. I'm a big fan of Michael Cera's deadpan stylings. I would recommend if you are a fan, too, Internet. It was great to get out with my novio. We held hands and everything.

Gap jeans...if you're a fan of Gap jeans, then head on down to your local Gap because they are currently 19.99. I bought myself a pair tonight.

Next time you hear from me I might have been sedated due to overwhelming train travel. I will miss you, Internet.


Sara Luke said...

To California? By train?

Wait . . . have I been transported back to 1962?

I need to hear more about this.

rachel said...

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed Year One, because I heart Michael Cera and have been wanting to see it, but I've also been afraid that it might be terrible b/c of all the t.v. promotion.

The part about Eli teething & not Uncle Adam was fabulous.

You are hilarious & I miss you!! When will I ever see you again?! We need to do something at the end of July.

Jeanette said...

To Sara: Yes, we are going by train...Ben has wanted to do it since my grandpa told him how great it was...he's excited to see the country. I am doubtful, but open to new adventures/stressors. :)