Monday, June 15, 2009

Eli: 4 months


Today you are four months! "But wait," you say, "where is my 3 month post?" You ask an intriguing question. The fact of the matter is, your mom is a loser. Not a crack smoking loser, but a good-intention/no follow-through loser. Thus, your 3 month post is missing. Fret not, I will include everything that has happened over the last 2 months.

With dad at first Memorial Day parade (after which I was convinced you had lost your hearing.)

So, wow...four months. You have developed this fun little personality over the last 2 months. I often wondered what would happen if the progeny of Ben and Jeanette did not have a sense of humor. Fears're hilarious. You laugh at being tickled, your daddy, your reflection, Conan O'Brien--I love it! (Note: If PCS is screening, we don't really watch Conan with our son, it was a poorly constructed joke).

There is no stopping your development. You laugh, bat at toys, roll over (front and back), stand when supported, sit in Bumbo, balance the checkbook--I mean you're a genius. You rolled over from back to front (you've been doing the tummy to back for a month or so--please, old hat) last week and I flipped out. No one was home, so my celebration was somewhat anticlimactic, and you looked at me like my head was on fire, but it was awesome. I walked over to your Grandma's office (you in tow) and declared that MENSA should be called due to your obvious status as a genius. I mean you rolled over...sit on it Trebek!

Also a fun thing you've started doing (I use the word 'fun' very loosely) is spewing buckets of drool onto anything and everything. I put a shirt on you and two hours later, you look like you got caught in a rainstorm (from the neck down). I don't know if you're teething, but you drool and stick everything you can get your hands on in your mouth. That's why I decided to vacuum the other day. I didn't think it would be cool if you found some old Doritos crumbs or a random honey nut cheerio.

I went back to work right after you turned 3 months old and I cried the entire way there. Okay maybe not the entire way; I look like I got kicked in the face when I cry, so I reeled it in 10 minutes out, so as not to frighten my students. Your aunt Carrie graciously watched you those 4 weeks I was at work. You two had great times.

This is the challenge I'm facing now. I love being with you so much and it is so hard to leave you. Right now I'm off until September, but what happens then? I've never wrestled with something so much. I love LOVE teaching, but do we NEED me to work? Word to the feminists, but this sucks.

Also on the challenging front, you hate sleeping in your crib. We're trying to transition you into your crib, but I'm pretty sure you'd rather have a lobotomy. It's a challenge, because, well your father and I need sleep so as not to fall over. We're plugging away, though. If you love sleep as much as your mom, I'm sure you'll accept the new sleeping arrangements.

You have changed our lives in so many ways. I'm pretty sure we were the most boring people on the planet before you arrived, because I'm not sure what we did with our time other than watch t.v. You definitely have a captive audience in me and your dad. I try so hard to be the best mom for you. I admittedly stumble and chastise myself for turning my eyes from you for one second to watch "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here". (I'm just kidding, I don't watch that...cough...cough). You amaze me every day. When I'm away from you, I count the seconds until I can see you again. To quote a really funny story, "my heart overfloweth with joy!" We love you so much!


melissa said...

awesome... I'm pretty sure you just quoted my "funny cousin wedding story". I am 1. impressed you remembered that story 2. think it's fweaking awesome because I consider it a shout out.

melissa said...

p.s. if you're not quoting my "funny cousin wedding story" you don't have to tell me... I'd rather believe that you are. And just to get it completely right its "my cup runnith over with joy"

Joy said...

What a cute post but the best part was the quote from Melissa's cousins wedding!! I laughed out loud!

Jeanette said...

i am indeed quoting your story! i love that story! i tell my students that story!

hashifa vachoo said...

Love the dimples! Regarding your work/home dilemma: Amen, sister! I wrestled with that (out loud) for so many months until James just couldn't take it anymore. He said "Quit! Just quit!" So I did. And I do not miss work like I thought I would. You will never regret spending more time with Eli.

rachel said...

wow, he's getting so big!!! must see you guys soon.