Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am a goal-oriented person. That's not to say that I always accomplish all the goals I set for myself, but I like to put them out there so that I have an idea of what I need to get done. As I sit in my house, slowly turning into an agoraphobic (stupid swine flu), I think about things I'd like to get done. They range from immediate goals to long-term. I feel inclined to put them out there for you Internet so that I have some accountability other than my 2 month old son who only communicates in a series of coos.

Immediate (within the next few weeks)
-Do not contract swine flu
-Prepare unit for The Glass Menagerie
-Start running
-Get haircut
-Convince someone to watch Eli for a night so that I can sleep 7 hours in a row
-Check out potential of taking summer classes for Masters program
-Do not contract swine flu (I know it's on here twice, but I seriously don't want to get it--and I REALLY don't want Eli to be exposed to it).
-Plant flowers
-Find a good book
-Get pics up in Eli's room

Long-term (within next few months)
-Finish up the school year with flair
-Decide what the Parkers are going to do next year (job-wise--for me--will I be able to leave Eli to go to work?)
-Start taking classes for Masters program
-Do not contract swine flu
-Run at least one 5K (hopefully the Concord 5K)
-Make sure flowers don't die
-Able to run at least 5 miles (pre-pregnancy workout)
-Take a gagillion pics of Eli
-Finish Moby Dick
-Watch less TV
-Find a great church (any suggestions?)
-Take a fun trip with Eli and hubby
-Write out Psychology curriculum

The end


rachel said...

Have you read Freddy & Fredericka yet? It's by Mark Helprin & it's a contender for my favorite book of all time.

I miss you a LOT.

I'm preparing lessons on the Glass Menagerie TOO!!! This calls for a celebration... of sorts.

When do you have to go back to school to finish out the semester??

Um, did I mention that I MISS YOU??!?!?!?

Sara Luke said...

I think that "plan another lunch date with Sara" should be on the short-term list.