Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Found my Camera Cord!

My camera/computer cord has been missing for the last couple months. And by missing I mean right in our desk drawer in front of my own eyes as I shuffled through the mess to look for it.

So, I thought I'd post some pregnancy pics (in chronological order).

When he was wee

Dressed up as Juno for the Halloween dance that I chaperoned.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving deliciousness.

Compare/Contrast (NOTE: Rachel is not pregnant...she just came to visit last week and we took this picture together.)

I seem to like this pose.

Pay no attention to the puffy's all an illusion (says the voice in my head).


rachel said...

Haha - thanks for the disclaimer! Your bump is wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Is that your apartment in the dorms? It looks so cute! Our kitchen is the same color. Fabulous choice. You look great!

josh and annie said...

Hey Jeanette! Lacey told me about your blog. I love your pg pics. :) I am expecting a little person due in May! Annie (Miller) Easterling