Saturday, November 15, 2008

Migratory pattern of birds in Hillsdale

For the last couple weeks, the scene outside my school every morning has looked like a staging ground for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Part II. I need to remember to bring my camera on Monday to capture the pure spectacle of all the birds. I'm not very familiar with the migratory pattern of birds; okay not familiar at all, but oi vey! Yesterday, I stayed in my car to wait for the bulk of them to fly over for fear of being the perfect target.

I know many of you (all three of my loyal readers) are saying, "whatever, Jeanette is one the most hyperbolic people I know...surely she's exaggerating." However, you three would be mistaken. The numbers of these birds has to be in the thousands. It is an orchestra of squawking. The sky is black with this army of birds. If they weren't smarter, I would fear for an uprising. The confusing thing is, they seem to just be making a circle every day; they are the most navigational challenged birds I have ever witnessed. In the morning they fly west and then seem to circle around, like they're considering flying south, but they keep remembering something--like they forgot to turn off the iron. It's an enigma to me.

A little more disconcerting--that I spend this much time thinking about these birds.

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rachel said...

Oh my word, those are probably the birds that used to sit in the tree outside our old house!!! It's totally freaky. I understand you waiting in the car! It doesn't help that I'm starting a unit in which we'll be reading "The Raven"...

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