Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whitney Parker -- A Year in Pictures

October 2012
  • First Birthday
  • Walking 
  • Princess Leia for Halloween
  • Still nursing

November 2012

  • Endured torture of 10 ... TEN teeth coming in during one month
  • Nursing has slowed way down to occasional snacking
  • No more baby food

December 2013

  • Would live on scrambled eggs and milk
  • Nursing has stopped
  • Says "Mama" and "Dada"

January 2013

  • Playing on your own
  • Obsessed with your pacifier
  • Stopped sleeping through the night
February 2013
  • Taken on role as resident comedian
  • Can sign "more" and "all done"
  • Still not sleeping through the night - Air mattress has taken up permanent residency in your room for mom or dad

March 2013

  • Exercises with Mommy
  • Obsessed with shoes
  • Still not sleeping through the night
April 2013
  • Wearing a cape pretty much every day
  • Obsessed with Eli (who also wears a cape)
  • Met your cousin Livia for first time
  • Still not sleeping through the night
  • Love being outside
May 2013
  • Love getting in the dirt
  • Ate Vicks Vapo Rub (you were fine)
  • First trip to Urgent Care for potential broken finger after getting it slammed in the door.
  • Fell into a stagnant, gross pond at the park...mother's anxiety level reaching breaking points
  • Hate being left in nursery at church
  • Still not sleeping through the night

(yeah I added two...because you're adorable)

June 2013
  • Love accessorizing 
  • Love being in the water
  • Starting to become sassy
  • Talking a lot more
  • Daddy took a new job, which means we get to see him more
  • Still not sleeping through the night

July 2013
  • Favorite word is "No"
  • Fireworks -- nailed it...loved it!
  • Love being outside to the point of annoyance
  • Fell in love with Lucy (grandma and papa's dog) while she stayed with us
  • Face painted with Jello and then dropped a deuce in after-jello tubby
  • Still not...wait for it...sleeping through the night

August 2013
  • Loves to dance -- often when there is no music
  • Loves taking care of your "babies" doll; cannot go to sleep without your baby
  • Becoming more defiant/temper tantrumy 
  • Still not sleeping through the night
September 2013
  • Two...TWO trips to Grandma and Papa Parkers' house
  • First night away from mommy 
  • Don't want anyone BUT mommy
  • Hair's long enough to do pigtails!!!
  • Still not sleeping through the night

October 2013

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the partons said...

So sweet & hilarious. Ah bedtime struggles. Praying for your patience & rest!!