Sunday, April 1, 2012

Whitney: 4 Months - the abridged version...a month and a half late

At 4 Months, you like:
  • your family...and that's about it.  Anyone else elicits a look of annoyance.  You're such a snob. 
  • your intervention is planned soon.  It's the only place you'll nap extensively during the day.  Soooo.
  • to poop.  You have at least one blowout a's fun.
  • your pink fuzzy blanket.  You will not sleep without it.
  • your playmat.  It's so fun to watch you work at pulling the dangling animals down.
  • your hand, fingers, anything that you can fit into your mouth without me taking it away from you.  I'm not sure if you're teething, but you do not go a minute without either your pacifier or your fingers in your mouth.
  • your brother.  Seriously, that kid could sit on you and you would think it's hilarious.  Everything he does makes you smile. (We'll see how long that lasts.)
  • your moby wrap.  You love being carried around in it. 

At 4 Months, you dislike:
  • tummy still hate it.  Honestly, I'm not as good at making sure you have tummy time as I was with Eli, but you do spend time on your tummy daily, and you still hate it...with a fiery passion.
  • your crib.  Again, my fault.  Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson from your brother.  You sleep fine in the cradle-thingamajig next to our bed, but the second I lay you down in your crib, you act as if I just dipped you into acid.
  • non-elasticized pants.  And who can blame you, girl.  You've got quite the tummy, and that cute thing needs some give and stretch comfort.
  • your carseat -- at least not for extended periods.  So, traveling to Boston in a few months should be a blast.
  • bottles. Eli did not breastfeed; he refused.  So, when you nursed like a pro, I wanted to make sure you would stick with it.  So, I didn't attempt a bottle until about a month and a half after you were born, at which point you were like, "woman, please".  It's fine if you never have a bottle, it just means you and I are going to be like peas and carrots for the next year or so. 
 You are growing into quite a fun little girl, and your personality is starting to come out.  One of my favorite things about you (I mean, the list is quite extensive, but...), is your smile.  When you smile, you smile with your whole body.  Seriously, your shoulders go up, your legs stretch out, your face scrunches up.  It's perfect.

I love you beyond eternity, my dear Scout.

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