Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before and After: Kids' Rooms

I finally finished Scout's nursery today.  In honor of the completion, I thought I'd post before* and after shots of her's and Eli's rooms.  These are for you, grandpa! :)

(*The before shots were taken prior to us moving in...they are shown as decorated by the owner at that time)

Eli's Room: Before

Color: Periwinkle, Border: Flowers

Eli's Room: After

 Eli's "Fort" Bed
We still have two pics to hang up over his of Comerica Park and another baseball one.

 Where the Wild Things Are and Baseball growth chart

Color: Tiger's Blue and a Beige color, Border: None

Scout's Room: Before

 Notice the super cool valance that I nearly killed myself with when I tried to take it down myself.

Scout's Room: After
 Notice the air mattress set up for mom and mom-in-law (separate visits) post baby.

 Her initials will go in the middle frame...monogram style

  I have a wooden letter of the initial of her first name that will go in the empty frame on the left, and then I'll put pics of her in empty frames.
 My $10 garage sale dresser that Ben sanded, repainted, and re-knobbed.
Color: Grape Cream (I was looking for a purple-grey color) Drapes: Grass (color) Eclipse Drapes (the ones that are supposed to be energy efficient)



rachel said...

so cute! great makeovers!! :)

CJR said...

Both rooms look great! Where did you get the awesome fort bed?