Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wide Load

12 weeks
  • still wearing non-elastic waste pants
  • looks like I have a food baby
  • nauseous all the time
  • bathroom not cleaned

22 Weeks
  • Found out we're having a Pheobe (vs. Pheobo)!!!
  • Have adopted a no-do-hair-ever attitude
  • Elastic pants for sure
  • Sweating all the time
  • Bathroom still not cleaned

 25 Weeks
  • Somehow, belly looks smaller in this picture -- must be the non-tent shirt I'm wearing.
  • Baby is kicking her way out of the womb
  • Escaped up north to in-laws' for a week for sweet, air-conditioned relief.
  • Heartburn in full effect...threw up on the side of 127 on way up to in-laws' due to acids of fury clawing their way out of my esophagus

 28 Weeks
  •  3rd trimester
  •  Sweating more than is natural for any large mammal
  • Pretty sure I'll test positive for gestational diabetes due to all the chocolate I've been consuming
  • Scout has hiccups every morning and night at the same time
  • We're not naming her Scout despite my pleadings
  • Thankful for Hostess cupcakes (see picture)
  • Reconsidering stripes for my next picture
  • Had a mini-panic attack in the baby aisles of Toys R Us
  •  When I tell people I'm due Oct. 23 they ask if I'm having twins 

Now, I know you're all jealous of a.) my sweet photography skills, b.) the raccoon-like freckle clusters under my eyes, c.) my personal grooming, but with great awesomeness comes great apathy.


rachel said...

you are awesome. you look fabulous & i'm excited to hang out again soooon!

Matthew and Meagan said...

Yay, a girl! So much fun. Please name her scout. I love, love, love it. Or maybe Harper or Lee if you have to be more professional like.

Erin Joy said...

I LOVE the name Scout! Have you read Keeper of the Bees? It's a perfectly suitable name for a precious, fiery, capable, strong little girl.

Did I mention I'm so excited for you?? :)