Sunday, December 5, 2010

Once Again, Stealing from Rachel

I found this on Rachel's blog, who I think got it from someone else's blog.  Anyway, I love the idea of (r)advent blog posts.  So, I'll give this one a try.

Radvent Day 4: Forgiveness

Practice forgiving about small, everyday things. Who and what are you ready to let go of resentment toward?

I have actually written four apology letters to people I once knew.  I have yet to send them out, because I haven't built up the courage.  I know that these people deserve my apologies.  And honestly, I'm not really expecting forgiveness, but I want them to know that I am aware I treated them poorly and am deeply sorry.  I'll send them someday.  In this same vein, I feel that I need to forgive myself of so many things.

Additionally, there are far more people who deserve an apology from me than there are people who need my forgiveness...FAR MORE! 

That being said, this post requires that I forgive.  So, I'm not going to be completely forthcoming, because this is the Internet and you don't need to be all up in my bi'ness, Internet (she writes fully aware of the irony that she has a blog).  Some of these are serious, and some of them...not so much. 
  • I forgive the sister of my childhood babysitter who I would overhear talking about how annoying I was.
  • I forgive myself for periodic lapses in judgment in my life.
  • I forgive that girl in middle school who said I looked like a small dog.
  • I forgive that guy in high school who incessantly made fun of me because of my stupid haircut.
  • I forgive the writers of Friends who let me down in Season 10.
  • I forgive my high school history teacher for showing North and South instead of teaching us history.
  • I forgive Netflix for suggesting Confessions of a Shopaholic to me.
  • I forgive Ann Curry for being so annoying to watch.
  • I forgive the unfriendly people in my church youth group.
  • I forgive the principal who told me I had a job at his school and then didn't give me a second interview (I also forgive myself for blowing the first interview).
  • I forgive that girl in college who made me feel horrible for something I didn't do. 
  • I forgive those people who can't seem to get my name right.
  • I forgive the professor who gave me my first F on a test.  
  • I forgive the three cavities in my mouth that have made it impossible for me to enjoy Grape Nuts.
  • I forgive the student who made me question why I wanted to be a teacher.
  • I forgive that student who told me I looked old and had a lot of wrinkles.

This next one is the hardest and the one I've wrestled with the most.
  • I forgive the woman who took my grandmother away from me. 

Sorry to lay that heavy one on you last.  So to break the's an added one:
  • I forgive NBC for Passions


Rachel said...

You are so brave for posting so many of those. I left the majority of my serious ones off my blog (mostly because I'm still praying that God gives me a heart of forgiveness toward them!!).

Um, I forgive you for not coming to visit me yet. Haha! My last day of school is the 17th... Can you hang out on Weds the 22nd?

v-word: compopo

Stephanie said...

You didn't forgive me for making fun of your LOVE T-shirt when you moved from California. What's up with that? Are you still harboring ill feelings?

Jeanette said...

Steph,, I don't forgive you...I still wear that sweatshirt. I completely forgot all about, yes, I forgive you. :)

Rachel, I think I can do Weds. the 22nd...I need to talk to Benny P to see what our travel plans are. And thank you for your forgiveness. :)