Monday, October 18, 2010


I found this poem today in an anthology of poems I didn't know I had (and with which I am currently obsessed).  It nicely sums up my adoration for fall.  So, for your reading pleasure (mom), here it is:


Out of my dooryard maple
A gilded leaflet fell,
Twinkling down on a sunbeam,
Like music from a bell.

Nor hand nor foot disturbed it,
And frolicsome gusts of air,
Whirling the wayside atoms,
Danced on, and left it there.

Slowly away it wasted
Till only a film remained --
A skeleton leaf, a shadow,
Lost wholly when it rained.

Yet lo, on the stained foot-way,
Etched where the gold had lain,
A delicate shape -- a spirit --
Tarried in wind and rain.

                              -Charles H. Luders

You're welcome.

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rachel said...

love it! my favorite line is "frolicsome gusts of air" - - captures fall perfectly. we're such nerds & i couldn't be happier about it. :)