Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today marked yet another milestone in my nearly adult son's life. brace yourself....Eli got his first haircut.  Okay, so my child does not have thick, lustrous hair.  He has fine hair.  Blond, fine hair.  So a haircut seemed a ways off.  But, friends, up until today, Eli had a mullet.  Okay, so it was not technically a mullet.  Actually, the back of his hair was growing longer than the rest of his hair on the right and left side of his head.  So, it looked like he had hair horns growing out of the back of his head toward his neck.  It was the anti-Flock of Seagulls. It would curl up after he'd gone a couple days without a bath or if he had a particularly rough night in the crib.  Anyway, people were getting on my case about it. And by people, I mean my sister.   Who was relentless.  I  pictured him looking back at his baby pictures and cursing the fact that he had a mother who allowed him to grow neck-hair-horns.  HAIR HORNS!! 

So, we took him to where Ben gets his hair cut.  He was so precious with his little smock on.  And after they slipped me a sedative to control the weeping, I was able to snap some pictures of the event.  Now, I should tell you that unless you are around my child a lot, you will not really be able to see a difference.  But, the horns are gone...along with a little piece of my heart.

Before shot...(notice he's trying to put two pacifiers in his mouth. awesome.)

(I caught this while he was in mid-conversation with a friend) 

Aaaaaand, I wanted to put this one in b/c this is the face he makes before I take his picture now.  awesome.


rachel said...

easy with the bedroom eyes there, kid!

joven said...

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